Any Last Minute Tips? (PH Tour)

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    Hello everyone!

    I hope you are all doing well. I am tired of the snow & cold...ready for spring!

    Anyhoo, I have my tour tomorrow for the PH position. I have some last minute questions. I am a nervous wreck...not sure why!

    *How many people do you think will be there? Lucky me...there will be a family member there when I go. (I don't like them!) Do you think a large group will be there?

    *I've noticed it says to wear "casual slacks or jeans." Jeans make me nervous....I would feel underdressed. Would a khaki like jean be acceptable? Am I overthinking this?!

    *Can you give me some info on what to expect? I see the tour lasts 45 minutes. Why do they want us there so early for a tour? (5:30am)

    *Will they be asking us what shifts we would like or will that be if they ask us to come back for a second interview?

    I love ya've already given me excellent & helpful info. I get super nervous before anything, so anything you can say to help quell my fears is appreciated! :bored:

    Ohh...I thought of something else. Should I arrive 15-20 minutes early? Are there any advantages to being early?**

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  2. Generally in our hub the groups are as small as 3 or up to 10+

    The reason they want you in casual slacks or jeans is because you will be touring the facility, if you notice I think it says boots or work shoes as well.

    If they are bringing you in at 5:30am you are probably candidates for the preload shift. At our hub this shift starts at 3:30am so you'd be arriving just in time to see the controlled (sometimes) chaos that is the preload. This shift that is in charge of loading the famous brown trucks before they go out for delivery.

    I wish you the best of luck. If you decide to take the job, of all the shifts I've worked, the preload is the hardest and they really ride you sometimes. However don't let it bother you as they really can't do anything. They'll tell you that you need to load at XX packages per hour (which is a flat out lie, there is no set standard, however until you've got should hustle), they'll tell you that you're a bad loader (if thats where you end up on the shift) but if your drivers like you (and most do after you pick up the "art" of loading) again don't sweat it. The reason you will or won't stay will be the people you work with. The constant beatings from the job itself for the peanuts they pay you won't do it. The benefits might keep you a little longer (if you need them), but overall its the people that usually keep you there. Show up on time everyday and make seniority. Then you're all set.
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    overthinking ? my god you sound like a mess,
    wear jeans,ask questions,they like that.
    most of all relax and decide if its really for you.
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    Morning all!

    I went in today and had my tour. There were about 15 people in the group. Tour lasted all of 15 minutes! There were about 10 people working there.

    I was given the info to go for my second interview. I am planning on going next I'll have a few more questions for you all. :tongue_sm

    I am off to work for now. Have a great day!