Anybody Remember Socom for the PlayStation 2?

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    I know a lot of us UPSers are also big Gamers and prob have been for awhile so I figured I'd ask this question. Anybody remember the Socom Games back on the PS2? Well they might be getting a remaster. Fans of Socom have been making their voices heard all around Facebook, Twitter,, and Internet Sites all across the web. The Hastags #SOCOMREMASTERED #BUILDINGTHELIST got the attention of Gio Corsi @giocorsi who is The Director of Third Party Production and Developer Relations for Sony Playstation. Sony is Building a List for older generation games to be remade or completely redone. See Shenmue 3 or Final Fantasy 7 as Examples not to mention all of the other titles that have been remastered over the years. Corsi responded with the following tweet "Wow, that's a lot of tweets! I get it, you are excited about a potential #SOCOMREMASTERED project. love the passion! It's on the list! :-)". Fans of Socom know that the first two games of the series were the bread and butter of Sony Playstation 2s online community registering over 100,000 players logged in a night for years on Socom 2. Socom had a great Clan system that tracked every stat you could think of and with the help of (which is now MLG) players were able to setup clan wars and compete against each other. The fans want Socom back the way it was the way they remember it from its heyday. Could you imagine a Socom Remastered Game? Or how about a Socom 5 for PS4 Exculusive? That would put up a major fight with Xbox and would only mean great things op for the gaming industry as a whole. What do you guys think? Here is the link to the site

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    PS3 here. Never did those, but I thoroughly enjoyed ones like BLACK, KILLZONE and KILLSWITCH along with MEDAL OF HONOR and a few others for PS2. Never did and coop online stuff.