Anyone ever take a job outside of operations after driving??

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    Hey all! Just wondering if anyone here has been a driver and moved to a different area within the company? I don't mean a operations supervisor position, but one that would be in a corporate setting. I never finished college myself, but I know quite a few fellow drivers that have degrees and I'm curious if any of you have made the leap to a different title. Personally, I'm not quite sure I could park my butt in a cubicle, as I like to have the human interaction that comes with driving. At the same time, the job doesn't feel as challenging mentally (it will always be physically demanding). I've been here 15 years, so maybe it just seems to be getting somewhat monotonous. My biggest mental challenge is how I'm going to run my airs, and that lasts for about 45 mins. Any thoughts?
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    I have a degree, but I don't plan on using it until I really hate driving or I get injured. Nothing in management seems enticing. I suppose HR is the only thing I'd be interested in.
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    Is your degree in Salad Tossing
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    Yeah I have a masters
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  6. burrheadd

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    I bet your parents are proud
  7. I had an on road that moved to supply chain and said he wished he had just gone straight there. He said it was less money but it was also like working at a whole different company.

    I don't think it's a problem outside of your management team trying to pressure you into either staying a driver or staying in operations. I've seen some center manager straight up tell guys they weren't cut out for management only to have corporate come in and beg them to join because of their degree and being bi lingual.
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    If you're thinking of going management, find another company to do so in. I find the job monotonous as well, I also find it more lucrative than people with degrees, optometrist's, nurses, and many others. Oh, did I mention my healthcare, dental and vision aren't included in what I take home?

    I'd be interested in hearing 5 things a career in operations would give you a leg up vs going to an unknown company.
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    Berating conference calls
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    I have a MasterCard.
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    They are, but the whole cell block is getting tired of them bragging.