Appalachian Trail


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Was lucky enough to hike Blood Mtn on a clear day


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Really enjoying your pictures. Retiring early enough to enjoy life is the secret to a happy life. Here's hoping you get your medical issues under control quickly.


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My son with loaded pack… campfire in 22 degrees. Cool note: we camped with a guy named Mischief. He is a double amputee. Both of his feet are missing


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He only did 2 days with me. He had to get back to work. I stilled enjoyed it. Him and my other son will be doing short sections with me along the way also. I’ll take whatever they can give
I know the feeling. I’m just thankful to be able to look at a successful young man, and not a snowflake.
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Beautiful pics , hope your neck is doing better Just make sure to get plenty of bug spray before you hit Maine ,, the black fly is their state bird !