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    I'd worked for the company for 12 years, moved from unloader to part-time supervisor, obtained my bachelors degree, then applied for a position with Business Development. First they told me that I "qualified", then they said that they prefer to higher somebody with sales experience because they can teach an outsider UPS in a couple of weeks, but that it takes much longer to teach a UPSer sales. So I guess I'm technically on the list because I passed the tests, but will never get the job due to lack of experience in the field. Not that I expect much from the company at this point, but it's so infuriating that they continue to claim that they promote from within. :sick:
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    Maybe they want to run preload. 12 years all in operations i assume. That is were your strength is. Try longshoremen they like ex UPS sups that ran operations.
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    But I hate operations...
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    UPS does promote from within look at yourself you started as a PTimer and then got promoted to PT SUP however that is the end of your promotions. If you stayed a Ptimer, you could have gotten promoted to driver, then to FT SUP, building manager, ETC.

    The problem you have is no experience in the business position you applied for. You degree means nothing they want people with experience most of the people on you management team don't have degrees they have experience. FT SUP have driving experience they know what goes on each day on the road, building managers most likely started out as a PTimer or drivers and then FT SUP so they know first hand how things operate.

    Most job you apply for outside of UPS want you to have experience also not just a degree.
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    You could always quit.
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    Can't you be a little more original? You always seem to say the same thing to everybody. Maybe it's a symptom of how unhappy you are with your own unambitious self and static life.
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    You come hear asking for advice but when someone give you some that you don't like you get a attitude. I don't like to beat around the bush I tell people how it is not what they want to hear. I hate people that tell other what they want to hear and not the truth. It a cruel world out there it not like going to Burger King things don't always happen your way.

    I'm very happy with my job and life. I have a wife and 2 children. I own my own home and take my family on two or they vacations a year. I have a BS degree and a commercial helicopter pilots licensed.

    My job is great when I leave to building in the morning I become my own boss till I come back at night. I enjoy meeting and talking with the many people I come in contact with each day. I also make very good money for delivering cardboard all day.
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    Good for you, but you come across as a cranky old man who never has anything positive to say. Your replies are usually negative and insulting. If you don't like people expressing their frustrations on a message board, than don't read them.
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    UPS does promote from within. However, you need to make yourself attractive to UPS, so that you have a better chance to get promoted. Unfortunately, during the interview process, every mistake you make can haunt you and put you out of contention for a promotion. I hope you take the following as constructive criticism to help you achieve your goal.
    Go back and read your post, you will find many errors in it.
    For example:
    1. I'd worked - sounds like you had worked at UPS and left
    2. higher - instead of hire
    3. run on sentences

    If this was noticed during the interview process, they would be hesitant to offer a job to someone with poor language skills. Especially when this is an essential aspect of an account executives job.
    Hopefully, you'll try again and have better luck on your next attempt.
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    Maybe you should submit several sales lead to a Manager and market yourself inside. Who knows, your leads may end up winning accounts. With that, you can put experience in sales as part of your interview process. When they ask, what experience do you have in sales. Your respond, I helped UPS gain growth from sales leads I turned in.
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    Thanks for the criticism/advice. So much more constructive than UPSguy72's usual "You could always quit" line.