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    so i applied as a P/T handler job in the bay area CA, but have yet to setup an interview. I'm in my mid 20's, currently i'm a college student and am looking for a job, preferably at night. unfortunately i dont have much experience in this type of job or any office environment. basically my only experience has been "helping out" w/ my family's business like real estate, properties, etc. so i barely even got a resume. so i'm having anxiety or concerns about the interview process w/ lack of experience. will this be a big part of the interview process? ive been going to school off and on for 5 yrs, but it was time to finally get a job especially with the holidays coming up. i'm also considering fedex, not sure how it compares to ups. handlers seem to get paid a bit more. and this fedex is also at the airport ( Oakland). which is at least an hour commute. the UPS is nearby within 15 mins or so. i hope to get a job within the next month or so if possible, at least by early november. So any help or advice would be appreciated...thanks
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    If you have a pulse your hired!:w00t:
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    Sometimes even that can be waived:lol:
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    Don't worry - it's not an office don't need that kind of experience. When called for an interview, you will be asked about your work experience and your school schedule. Don't want someone working the night sort with an 8 am class. Good luck.