APWA Gets a Freigh Hub

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by derf3733, Jun 27, 2007.

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    The Association of Parcel Workers of America is proud to announce that the UPS Freight terminal in Kansas City has chosen to have us represent them.
    Mike Morgan of UPS has said that voluntary recognition is for the Teamsters and the Teamsters only. Therefore, on June 25th we filed a petition for an election.
    We would like to thank the good people of Kansas City for the confidence and faith that they have in us. We guarantee everyone that we will not let them down.

  2. well would you look at that....thats very interesting...not to be a doubting Thomas but do you have official proof (on this site it'll be needed)
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    Wrong the nlrb will hold an election between the ibt and the apwa to see who will represent them. That was decided on 6/25 theres no way the nlrb got this vote accomplished in 2 days! If/ when the vote happens then we will know who wins, it only takes 30% to cause an election not to win the certification of the cba. Please stick to the facts and stop with the lies, this is obvisously a step forward for the apwa movement and it doesnt deserve the negative attention that you have just brought on it!
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    Exactly! Friend that is just to have the election! Please keep let us know the results when they're in!
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    not so fast big guy!
    I believe that the 30% requirement is only for companies that are already unionized. With a company that is not unionized they must have 50% to force a vote. My understanding is that the APWA had 80% in KC, thus they ask UPS for vol. recognition and got turned down, thus the NLRB vote which will take place in the next 39 days.
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    Saw i have only seen 1 article anywhere on it and it states that you needed a minimum of 30% to get the nlrb involved, it doesnt state that it was 80%. Also keep in mind that i have seen people sign cards previously to join a union even from overnite and when it came down to it voted against it. Heres the only news article i have found on it, and its on the brown cafe home page.
  7. It takes 30% to get a vote. The election will most likely take between 4-8 months to set the date. Then if they win, who knows how long to bargain a contract? If they lose. the hub will be locked out of any future union activity for 1 year. So, they will not be able to sign the new teamster agreement, that should be done by the late summer. Either way win or lose they will be waiting a long time to be under a contract. The genie is out of the bottle apwa, now you have to prove all your big talk! I can't wait to see the 7,000.00 a month pension in writing! One last question, why didn't UPS give you a card check?
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    Thanks for the link RED, I have seen that one, along with a couple of others, although I don't remember what publication they were in. I have so many people at my center handing my articles and papers every day that it is hard to keep track of them all.
    I do however think that you are missing the point of this thread. IMHO, I think it is saying that the overwhelming majority (80% is the figure that I recieved from the APWA leaders) signed cards and said that they want the APWA over the IBT. UPS would not give the APWA vol. recognition, and that the people there had spoken and the NLRB vote is just a formality.

    I do however understand what you are saying about people saying one thing and doing the opposite. At this point in KC it is looking very good for the APWA, but no one will know for sure for about a month when the vote is counted.
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    This this is an interesting turn of events and I welcome it. I'm not IBT or APWA but just a UPSer and I welcome the competition for my support.

    As Pat Benetar would say, "Hit me with your best shot" and let's see who can deliver. At the very least, IBT now has something nipping at it's heels and maybe this will finally force them to do more of the right thing. God Bless ya APWA and "Go Get Em' Tiger!"
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    My undestanding is after the NLRB gets the cards it takes 42 days to get the outcome of the vote.
  11. mittam

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    So by August 6th or about then the vote results should be announced. That would be about 42 days.
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    You are correct!
    But it is actually 41 days that the NLRB has to hold the vote, of which, we are 3 or 4 days into that 41 day period.
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    UPS Freight Worker,
    You seem to be assuming that the ballot will have only two choices: the APWA or No Union. If either choice wins, no new election can be held for at least a year. (Or about three additional years if APWA actually wins *and* secures a signed and ratified contract before the year elapses.)

    But won't the Teamsters petition for a spot on the ballot? And maybe even other unions too?

    There's no telling how the vote will turn out because no one can determine what the APWA's official positions are, and no one knows what the Teamsters' are proposing, or what critical campaign they will launch against the APWA.

    I would also expect several time-consuming issues to come up along the way, and each will have to be ajudicated by the NLRB.
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    True enough Jon but here's the way I look at this. I would venture to say that this facility currently has no union at all (an assumption on my part that could be wrong) so what better place to put the APWA out there and test the waters. From the perspective of those against the APWA, it's a win-win in that this doesn't remove the IBT from any existing facility but at the same time those folks can finally once and for all show everyone that the APWA is not what it seems and is the disaster waiting to happen that they keep saying it is.

    Here's the golden opportunity for once to show everyone just how aweful this whole APWA idea really is. Then in 3 years this facility can boot out APWA and then the IBT is in like Flynn and everything is warm and cozy again for the IBT.

    I would think you guys would welcome this golden chance for the APWA to finally fall on it's face so we can be done with it! This chance should be embraced if you really do believe what you say!
  15. Counting the petition cards is only the first step. Since Ups rejected the card check, a secret ballot election will have to be held. That will take months.
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    I agree wkmac this is the best thing that could happen to us.
    we are all free agents and we can sign with whoever we want...
    I personally believe that the APWA, in trying to do the impossible,
    is opening up a whole new way of unionizing.If all upsers are in an exclusive to other company union,theres not a lot of room for
    questionable behavior.The teamsters are and always will be
    connected with the mafia.I think its time for a change.
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    You know, it will be worth watching UPS in all of this. Now I know the conspiracy theorists have UPS solidly behind APWA but what I mean is where will they stand in this Battle Royal so to speak between the IBT and APWA. I say Battle Royal because IMO it's not near that level but the IBT waterboys sure build it up to that and they explode the scope and threat of the APWA IMO. At least here, they've done more to bring attention and grow the many threads instead of just letting them be and the APWA cheerleaders comes across as annoying phone salesman at dinnertime. Maybe they really are a serious threat and I've just not seen the light yet.

    Anyway, will UPS side with IBT in order to make nice for the sake of the current contract talks and also use this as a tool to get more wine and roses for themselves? Or will the bad blood from 97' come through and UPS not so much side with APWA but at the least not side with IBT if this thing starts to take root? Watching UPS if APWA does win the election will be a real interesting moment IMO
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    Freight worker you are not getting it. Yes it will take awhile to get done but as stated it isn't APWA "cheerleaders" saying 41 days, that is the laws for the way these things take place. How long it will take to verify the vote I don't know but by the first week of August we should all know something.
  19. Apwa will ask for election tomorrow and UPS will ask for one in the 18 months and the NLRB will pick a point some where in between. If UPS goes the legal route, then they can tie it up for a long time. Get it? Got it? Good!
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    As to the first post the APWA has not won representation rights for anyone.

    In regards to the supposed election I assume the IBT will be on this same ballot? Seems a little one sided if its just the APWA or nothing.