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    "But when the hits the fan, I go off, and big time."

    I figure Gman one of two ways. He's either bragging about going off to impress someone (really not something to brag about IMO) and thus lying, or he is a loaded gun waiting to go off. Either way, not someone I would care much to work around.

    Toner, You and I both know that there are and always will be those drivers that are under dispatched and get the help when others need and deserve it more. That will never change.

    In our center there are those drivers that deliver the same city that the center is in that "can't make it" with 6 air stops, but yet I drive 30 miles to start my area, deliver from 8-16 air stops and 50-70 packages, pure air.

    The difference is that they will not break off trace to deliver a NDA while others deliver pure air till 10:30 every day.

    Unfortunatly I dont see this ever changing. But I dont "go off" when things dont so the way I think they should.

    And Toner, unless I miss my guess and you are wearing a tie, your job is to work as instructed. It is someone elses job to see everybody does their "fair" share of the work.


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    I am curious, what physical limitation is it that you have that is so concerning UPS?
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    I have to say that I did wonder if the "I am known as being pretty docile" wasn't a self conceived notion (or perhaps it was beaten into everyone else ) what with it being followed by the statement that they "screamed" someone into a hospitalized breakdown.

    Sounds more like a Post Office guy (quiet, until the cork and the guns go off).

    I know it made me want to tip toe away quietly.

    GMan, you post 33 years here, and 27 on the retirement thread, the six year difference, are those part time years not counted on the other thread or what?

    Life and UPS ain't fair, but the quickest way after dishonesty, in this day and age to get 'canned with no return' is the violence/harrassement charges.
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    I am not talking about saying no to a sup, we all know better than that, do it and complain later. I am talking about another driver who is close to tears when you keep saying no I cant get it either and has no clue that you may also have a tough time making your committed work. Every day I deliver pure air til 1030 which is a good thing $$ wise, and I dont want to miss a committment to my customers either. , but when you are busting to do that and someone else cant conceive why you cant help them, even the most docile, which I am one, can get ruffled. Just because It is "right around the corner" from me, it is right around the corner from them also. I think the sups should step in and look at the situation and tell everyone to keep their own unless mutually agreed upon. It works with most drivers, we trade, etc., some just dont work well with others, and those are the people that are the problem. And this is a venting place, kinda like chatting with the guys at work, and it just seems to get very judgemental at times. And I am just the MOM in the crowd, and I like to see everyone get along, old habits are hard to break

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    I lost an eye when I was 6 years old, over 30 years ago.
    I am pretty sure though, that I learned to adapt to it very well. I have checked into getting a FDOT Safety Waiver, that I may have been qualified for, but was told it could take up to a year to process, and then if UPS would honor it. I did not plan on driving past 40, so I felt it would be wasted effort better used on time to finish school.
    As for my driving skill, I am constantly aware of who is behind me, next to me (both sides) and in front of me. Not only am I aware of the cars directly in front of or behind, but as many cars as I can possible see, how close they are following, how fast they are coming up from the rear, who is weaving in and out of traffic, check out the brake lights on the cars in front, watch for drivers who are preoccupied(cell phones, eating, make up) keep a distant, watch for the cars coming off the sides, their brake lights etc etc etc. all pretty much at the same time.

    I used just about all the UPS Safety regulations(leave yourself an out, scan tree line to treeline etc.) before I even came onto UPS.
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    Thanks Tooner, and I will.
    But you know, and this is from working on Sundays for free (my own business and w/ my parents), I am looking at the 'big picture'. What I was told I would make, will ease some of my monetary concerns in life, (won't have to worry if sales are slow) plus the school being paid for, and I really wouldn't mind an extra hour worked here or there.
    Before I starting working at UPS over 2 years ago, I applied for a Warehouse sup. job in the furniture industry. 9-6, M-F, 50K to start, + benefits. Furniture is what I've done for 15+ years, but I did not get the job because of no 'real' supervisory exp., and I did not have my AA. The AA part is close to complete, and soon I can say I have 'real' exp.
    Of course if things work out (business/UPS), I won't need to look. But better to be prepared if there is a next time.
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    I knew a guy who worked for me on the preload that had a "lazy eye" and they told him he couldnt drive, so he went other routes. He is now a management person, so you didnt miss nothing, maybe it is a blessing. Them cell phone idiots drive me nuts also. I have one, I pull over, even if I am in my personal vehicle. And them people eating while driving, it otta be called ewd. Eating while driving. Its horrifying to be near any of them.
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    In my Center, everybody has to yell at each other to be heard. What with the belts and the radio blaring every day, I think the preloaders have lost a good percentage of their hearing.

    I'd like to wear earplugs to save what I have left but I have to answer questions as well as the phone.

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    Funny, I don't feel any pressure of termination from what I did. There were sups there at the time. The guy knows he went to far and we simply were discussing the situation. I guess I was a little louder than he was. I was just trying to get his attention. Like I said, were still freinds. He'll be the only driver invited to my daughters wedding this June. He was wrong, I was right. He deserved my reaction. Maybe I should have filed a grievance instead. How do you do that when you are dealing with another driver???

    OKclever, 33 years co. 27 driving. six PT.
    And trust me, you would want to work next to me. When the work is only going one way, you get a little resentful. Every one else in my loop has no problem with a little give and take. The two times whiner agreed to help me, (Thats right, two times in working 16 years side by side in the same town) I almost had to go to the hospital.

    But I have to agree, it wasn't the right thing to do. But it worked!!!
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    It is simple as stated in the contract, if you worked over 30 days as a cover driver your starting full time rate is youfr cover driver rate, if not then tough luck you start at $14.70.
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    The after hours trading seems to average a couple thousand to a few thousand. Not this weekend with almost 125,000 shares traded. I only hope everyone was selling with the bum news this morning on the unwanted aircraft.
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    Can someone please tell me why RS1, RS3 are considered stops, but a one time pickup is not??
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    Both are stops. RS1 and RS3 are delivery stops and a one time pickup is a pickup stop.

    RS1 and RS3 are call tags, they are delivered to the customer like a package. The receiver has requested you to pick a package and return it to them.

    A one-time pickup is just that a one-time pick-up. Both are very similar yet different.
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    When I talked to them they said two years for DESSP.