As Christmas nears, UPS' peak day shows growth

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    As Christmas nears, UPS' peak day shows growth - Yahoo

    For UPS, it's beginning to look a lot like a normal Christmas.

    Wednesday was forecast to be the busiest day of the year for the world's largest package delivery company. It expects to deliver a record 24 million shipments worldwide in 24 hours. That is 9 percent higher than last year and 2007 -- the year before the recession took hold. It's 60 percent higher than a normal day.

    The glowing forecast for holiday shipping continues a trend of higher revenue and shipping volume for UPS during the first nine months of the year. U.S daily package volume improved by almost 2 percent, while international volume rose more than 17 percent.

    UPS' smaller rival, FedEx, had its busiest day last week, when the company predicted it would pick up a record 16 million shipments on Dec. 13. That's up 13 percent from last year and double that of a normal day.