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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by SethA187, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. SethA187

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    How long does ups have to give me back pay? Its been almost six months.
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    A: Are you a union employee? B: Is it documented? Did you tell someone, is there proof that you told someone? C: Did you file a grievance or not? Different local jurisdictions have different remedies to payroll shortages. D: What state are you working in? You may have recourse through the state.
  3. SethA187

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    Yes i am a union employee. Yes it is documented. I have told my driver sup and center manger. I have filed a grievance in the end of june. I live in Maryland.
  4. menotyou

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    Write a letter to your BA requesting an explanation for non-payment. Don't call or ask your steward. Don't email. Write a letter via USPS.
  5. The Other Side

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    What are the circumstances? There is absolutely nothing you have provided in order to give you advice. Was this a payroll shortage? Was this a filed grievance for hours paid short? Was this a day missing from your payroll check? ETC ETC...

    If you have been waiting since june 2010 without resolution, then its unlikely you are getting anything.

    Was there a grievance hearing where this "backpay" was established?

    Or is this just something you spoke about to the BA and he told you he would look into it, and now you are waiting around on a hope and a prayer?

    Fill in the complete details.

  6. ibshines

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    In maryland the two main locals are 639 in the wash dc area and 355 in baltimore
  7. Braveheart

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    I have seen where it has taken 1 even 2 years.

    I have always won these and people always get their money in full.

    I hope you filed for penalties because I won over $1,000 once for them taking 10 plus weeks and I won over $1,400 for another driver for them taking 14 plus weeks to correct.

    If you filed right or you have a good business agent from the Teamsters you are looking at potentially at least 26 pay penalties and counting. Our local President is a bad ass and he has won pay penalties in excess of $5,000 on more than one occasion.

    Don't sweat it just look at it like your money is growing!

    That is if it is a definitive payroll mistake and that they really owe it. Like pay shortage, missind overtime, paid the wrong rate of pay etc etc.

    Good Luck!!
  8. SethA187

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    What happend was that I got a full time driver job. Four days into driveing I broke my leg off the job. I was out of work for four months. I broke my leg 4/19/08 I returned to work on 8/20/08. We began a new contract the beginning of aug. They payed me under the old contract for awhole year at 14.70 an hour. Then a year into it i had not recived a rasie at all. So i asked for a payroll inqure. After i did that they started to pay me under the new contract which stats at 16.10 an hour. So for a whole year they shorted me 1.40 an hour. The old contract took two and half years to get to top pay and the new one takes three years. They are telling me i should be under the new contract not the old one. because i disqualifed myself by getting hurt.
    Is that how that works? what disqualifes you? I thought if u were disqualifed you had to wait to drive?

    Any answers would be great thanks guys. Im in local 355 outta salisbury MD