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    If a lower seniority employee is getting worked and the higher seniority employee is being sent home and the issue has been made aware to sups and union steward but nothing is being done about it can you get back pay?
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    File a grievance. That's the only way you will get paid
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    What are the steps to filing a grievance?
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    Get in touch with your steward. He will explain it to you.
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    I never kept track of all of the days that he worked and I didn't because the whole back pay thing never crossed my mind until today. What do you think would be the best way to go about figuring that out?
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    You only have a week from the infraction to file.
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    Check your supplement, some have longer time frames.
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    When you say "sent home" are you being asked to go home or told? Big difference.
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    Not to a younger employee.