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    Has anyone anywhere heard of background checks and substance tests besides Orlando?
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    I heard this was at the airport and is a DIRECT result of THREE (3) ILLEGAL IMAGRANT workers found in Miami
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    yep new homeland security policy. Background checks, drug testing and rectals to see if you're hiding anything.

    phase II will eliminate the rectals and replace them with full cavity scans.
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    So, if you're a homosexual could going for a job at the airport be considered solicitation of sex? :lol:
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    If you've got something to hide, just go work at mcdonalds...
    If you don't then you have nothing to worry about.
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    I bet you are personally in charge of the rectals Tie.:lol::blushing:
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    so tie guy you wont have a job then if phase II is no longer in :confused:1
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    Or else an extra benefit?
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    "Or else an extra benefit?"

  10. R U KIDDING ME!! I have worked in the Orlando building for 6 years and they have reciently hired people with police tracking ankle braclets and they put them to work IN the air department! They have been offering double shifts to anyone (even preseiniors)who want to work because they can't hire enough people! No disrespect to the company but they will hire anybody (and I mean anybody)! I have got to believe, from seeing what I see every day that this is the last thing UPS wants to do based on the fact they simply can't hire and retain the number of people needed to keep the business running. Also, if they really care what goes into those airplanes then where are the x-ray machines? In closing, (and i'm not trying to offend anyone) but some of the very best, most reliable, kindest and hardworking people (including supervisors) are gona end up loosing their job and that is a real shame for them, their families, and UPS itself.
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    Our center requires a background check to be hired. Always has. No drug test though. The two nearby hubs both require a drug test but no background check. Kind of strange.
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    Background checks are nothing new at UPS and TSA guidelines have been stricter since 911. UPS must follow all guidelines regarding all background and drug testing. Our attorneys are very much involved in labor laws, along with compliance to goverment agencies. Little paranoia on this one?