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  1. thessalonian13

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    On thursday I had 63 bad package assist labels. What a joke. Each label going to an office building had the company names changed from the shipper's label to a different office. Potentially there were 63 misdeliveries. What's everybody's record for bad pal's in a day? LOL
  2. brownIEman

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    63 is a bunch. Likely someone in either data correction or a DA clerk screwed up badly. Could also be a bad Consignee Alias was put in the system to fix a different problem and caused this one.

    Just to be technical, it is actually called a Preload Assist Label.
    My record is in the hundreds, but I made sure they were corrected before they got on the car.
    Did you bring it to an on-roads attention and get him one of the PALs off a package so he could have dispatch take a look at it?
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    As long as the address is correct it shouldn't matter what the consignee name on the PAL is as we shouldn't be delivering based on the PAL. I have two medical office buildings and for some reason the computer chooses one of the consignee's in each building to put on the PAL.

    The problem that we have been unable to solve in my center involves our local college. The dorm names are also the names of streets within the same zip code and every once in a while the computer will send one of the packages for the dorms to one of those streets. The loaders will normally catch them and send them down to the PDS but when they don't we have a service failure.
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    When I scan the package, a different company name will show up in my diad, and it's not the company it's intended for. Preload changes the company name on the labels. In an office building that can be a problem for the cover drivers delivering to the wrong company.
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    ...not if they follow the methods and deliver based on the physical address label, not the PAL, although I do agree that too many of us rely on the PAL, which is usually accurate, when we deliver.
  6. menotyou

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    It sounds like the address was put into the system under one consignee. So, OPLD(computer) is taking the info on the package and changing the name of the business to the ONE listed in its memory. When all the businesses at that location are entered into the memory, the computer won't AUTOMATICALLY change the name of the business on the PAL. No one person is physically changing it. Sounds like you just got the PAS/EDD system.
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    I had 27 in day one. I thought I had a split. lol

    I always deliver from the original lable never from pal.
  8. dilligaf

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    I had a pkg last Thur that PAS flipped to a different address. 2 completely different streets not anywhere near each other. The ranges were the same on each street. When I got to the PAS address I saw the other address on the shipping label. Since there was no one home I left an info notice and went on my way. About an hour later I was instructed to del the pkg, that I didn't need a signature for it. Apparently the shipper had called. I had to call the center and explain what the problem was. The OMS couldn't verify which address it was to be delivered to so it never got delivered on Thurs.
    I took it to the clerk Thurs night for him to figure out. The next morning the shipping label was still the same but I had a customer concern saying to deliver it to the PAS address. :knockedout:
  9. menotyou

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    I think what happened was the customer had their address stored at the website they shopped at. For the point of this post, lets say QVC. Unfortunately, the customer has moved, but never updated their profile. As they track the package, the realize the problem. They call the shipper who calls UPS to update the delivery address. Hence, the two different addresses- one on package, other on PAL. That is one example of how that can happen.
  10. TearsInRain

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    the most we had was 180 in one day, because a scanner set hers up incorrectly

    it was her first week, and anything/everything she touched turned to ****

    eye candy though, so she still works there last i saw