Beer and Beans, Solutions for ObamaCare?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. wkmac

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    OK, the title is a bit of playful fun but it seems there's reason to think beer and beans do in fact promote good health.

    On the Beer part

    On the Beans part

    Thanks to LRC for the tip to both articles.

    I also passed this article on Co Q10 on to another BCer here since it mentioned a specific health benefit but the University of Washington also studied Q10 and found some similar results as well along with explaining what it is and from where it comes.

    Here's to good health because no matter what happens in Washington, staying healthy is still a good thing anyway and the most economically beneficial.

    To good health!
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    I agree a little fun is good at times. A related comment on CO Q 10 --I also have heard of the benefits --I was surprised when a friend of mine on a "statin" drug that was prescibed to lower his cholesterol level also lowered his natural CO Q 10 and magnesium levels tremendously.
    Obviously before any person takes any drug or vitamin supplement --a Doctor's consultation is a must.
    I believe all of us have a responsability to keep ourselves as healthy as possible.
    I know that for me personally --I do not need the government telling me what to eat or not --do not need food police.

    I wish everyone "good health and a long and happy life" :wink2:
  3. wkmac

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    Very true Island. Like I told the other BCer as to Q10, I don't know or can say either way but I wanted to pass on for consideration in case there was some benefit. Consulting a doctor or other qualified expert no matter what would be worth consideration. In the case of beans, if you eat them, it is what it is and in the case of beer, some here can now say after killing a 12 pack, it's under doctor's orders!