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  1. laffter

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    So, on Friday I was offered the position of being a clerk when the Clerk is sick or on vacation.
    I suppose I already sort of know what the position entails, but not in any great detail.

    One thing that disinterested me was the idea of calling customers, but the Clerk told me she doesn't do that very often.

    If any of you have covered or worked in this position, do you have any thoughts, suggestions, or opinions otherwise?

    Also, I understand that when management knows you can do something, and they need someone to do that particular something for a long period of time, they don't care whether you want to do it or not, they will put you in that position, rather than train someone else who wants to do it. Is the position of Clerk within my job classification? I am only considering this as something to give me a little variety, but I would not want to ever do this long-term.
  2. Baba gounj

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    You are rather vague about this clerk position.
    Just which clerk position are you talking about ?
    Would it be PAS , International , Damages , Customer Counter , ECS , or OMS ?
  3. laffter

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    I suppose I didn't know there were different types of clerk positions.

    The one I am referring to: this would be the person who deals with NI3 packages, packages addressed to the building, packages addressed to a business that is no longer in operation, packages sent to an address that is bad... futured packages?
  4. menotyou

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    PM Clerk does that at my center. It's a gravy job. Take it, if you can.
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  6. Baba gounj

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    ECS , it is.
    Menotyou is correct .
    First off make sure you can get a stool or seat included.
    It's easy work , especially if you know to used Card File to up date addresses.
    Phone books, address books , maps ,and an knowledge that you can acquire from drivers will make your job so much easier .
    I use my area knowledge to help, also check out the Business section of your local paper(s) they usually mention when businesses move .
    As for calling people , depending on your work hours , most businesses might be closed and calling people at home late at night isn't worth it.
    Always be on the look out for phony addresses , bring these to the LP's attention .
    If you must place a control tag on a parcel never place it next to the label , always place it on a flat edge for a box or at the top if it's a letter.
    Why because when it is placed on a holding shelf or in a box with other letters , it makes finding it later so much easier.
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    Great description.

    The 2 things I don't like about my PM clerk job are the customers call ins (redelivery request, complants such as "driver didn't knock on the door", "no delivery notice left on the door" but they know to call the center???, "can I pick this package up" after the counter closes?, or customer shows up at the counter thinking their package is waiting for them and not still on the delivery route.). The other downfall are the drivers that don't want to even make an effort to communicate with the clerk with a service cross on the package or a passing conversation as to why they have left a package in the PM staging area (for RTS's, damages,moved ect...).

    Otherwise it's a nice job. (

    But you are correct in thinking that once you are trained to do a job at UPS, you are trained for that position for life and can only get out of it by death.......and even then you better provide a one year advanced notice to the Company.

    (me', you can have my job when I retire)
  8. TearsInRain

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    OMS is a supervisor, clerk is an hourly; fyi


    this. if you want more hours or basically being immune from discipline forever, being a clerk is the best way

  9. laffter

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    To clarify, I work preload. This is the clerk that, for us, starts maybe an hour or two after we start, and leaves a couple hours after we do. So, similar hours, when I would be covering her, and the same pay rate.

    But yes, ECS sounds right. I remember seeing that on labels for packages that are destined for the clerk. Does anyone know what that stands for?
  10. AKCoverMan

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    Our PM Clerk also is responsible for unloading the TP-60s when they arrive back in the evening from our satalite. She gets to sort out the exceptions from the outbounds and get all their check in paperwork and used DIADs back to the right place in the center.
  11. laffter

    laffter Active Member

    Thank you for all the input. One part of my question that went unanswered was the job classification part. In the future, would they be able to move me into the clerk position without my agreement?
  12. menotyou

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    You are pt. You don't have a bid. Sorry.
  13. laffter

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    The AM clerk is a part time position. She comes in around 4:45AM and leaves an hour or two after preload is down.
  14. menotyou

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    My point is I was an AM Clerk and was moved to loader after a neck disc surgery. If they want to move you, they will.
  15. laffter

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    They moved you from a light-duty clerk position to a physical loader position AFTER a neck disc surgery? Someone must have really been out to get you.
  16. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Some may even say her injury was intentional.
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    pm clerk is gravy, am clerk is more pressure mainly from trying to resolve everything before the drivers pull out. best advice if you take it is to get internet access asap on your id, google can save a load of time trying to decipher addressing since you don't have the same time window pm clerks have to track receivers down. on a separate note nice thing about am if you do in center deliveries it'll give you some extra practice using the diad before you start running air and it'll also open up a shot at filling in at night if they need pm clerk help for some extra hours.
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    You should know!!
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    Be very careful. He is management.
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    In his mind, he is BOSSMAN