Ben Carson flubs interview

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by BrownBrokeDown, Oct 8, 2015.

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    The GOP loves their leaders stupid that way the corporate masters have an easier time manipulating them.And right now, Carson's faithful followers are realizing that they don't know what the debt ceiling is either, and celebrating the fact that 'he's just like us!'
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    Being stupid is a huge advantage to a GOP candidate, because they can relate easily to their base. For the smart ones, it must be very stressful to always pretend to be dumb so the faithful will cast the correct vote.

    There are plenty of intelligent Republicans who are masters at manipulating the herd for power and profit.
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    Carson, or should we say "Sarah Palin part deux" is nothing more than a talking point robot, incapable of understanding what he is talking about. His latest flub about Hitler taking guns from jews shows just how right wing talking points control the immortally stupid.

    History already establishes that by TREATY after WWI, germany had to disarm its military and citizens. This action was already underway long before Hitler rose to power.

    On the contrary to what Carson says, Hitler made it easier for german citizens to get guns, and the jews being armed wouldnt have changed a thing.

    But, every right wing wierdo ignores the truth and runs with the stupid.

    Ben Carson speaks to those with ignorance in between their ears.

  5. ImWaitingForTheDay

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    It was EXACTLY the opposite. There was strict Gun Control in Germany and HITLER reversed that idea, except for Jews. It was the Nazi's who eliminated the Gun Control.......Ben Carson is an 'Idiot Savant' with the emphasis on idiot.Carson And the rest of the republic candidates along with their supporters will believe just about anything to avoid reading actual history.