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    Am number 2 on the transfer list to transfer to Bend. Guy ahead of me has to accept by tomorrow. May have a tough decision to make. I would be leaving a quiet mild area with no snow and cool summers to move to Bend as my family and I are intrigued about starting over in a different area. Any of you all in the Bend center? Havent had to deal with snow all that much, so thats somewhat intimidating. Good place to be? Any advice appreciated.
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    I’m such a child sometimes, I read the title as Bend Overagain. I think was a residual thought from another thread a second ago.
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    I have to warn you I had a heavy breakfast...
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    correct me if I am wrong but the east portland center manager came from bend. Seems bend (and every other center in oregon) runs smoother than here.
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    Damn I shudda signed up for Bend.
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    Put salt down. Winter is no problem.
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    All they get is 40 degree rain.
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    Then why is the OP crying?
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    Bend is in Central Oregon. It snows a lot there.
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    Bend is a nice place to live.
    Yes it snows but once you have gotten accustomed to putting tire chains on a package car you will be ok. With practice, you can install and remove a set of chains in about 15 minutes.
  12. 1989

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    Spent 6 years in a snowy area as a cover driver. You learn where you can go. For the most part only chained up when I got stuck. Probably less than 30 times in those 6 years.

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    :funny: Burns is better.
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    Or you can say screw the tire chains and spin your tires like hell and have some fun.
  15. rod

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    I can only remember putting tire chains on once. (a real PITA when there is 2 feet of snow). As far as I remember they quit issuing chains in the 80's and gave us each a small aluminum shovel and a couple bags of crushed granite (chicken grit). Got unstuck many times with that combo. I also relied on local townspeople to give me a pull me out.
  16. soberups

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    Its weird how different states have different laws.
    Chains and studded tires are illegal in some states.
    But here in Oregon you are actually required to have them if conditions are bad enough and ODOT issues an advisory. You can be ticketed for driving without them.
    That is why all the package cars in Oregon have tire chains.
  17. soberups

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    I have had a lifetime’s worth of fun spinning my tires and waiting for the tow truck because I didnt chain up.
    Now I just chain up.
  18. rod

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    They still allow studded up tires? Even after it was shown how much damage they can do to roads? Oregon must be pretty backwards---(except their weed laws)
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    Still can't pump your own gas.
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    That’s worse than snow