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    is any job position that makes more money a bid job? and if so can a person that has been doing the job for more than 30 days keep it regardless of seniority?
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    The fact that it is worked for 30 days makes the position open for bidding but it goes to the top seniority bidder. I'm actually shocked there are still new positions being created hopefully that trickles over this way.
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    You pose two questions. 1. Is any job position that makes more money a bid job. Only if that particular type of job is covered under the bid procedures. 2. Can a person that has been doing the job for more than 30 days keep it, regardless of seniority. It depends if it's a new job, or an existing job, and it depends on the language of your local supplemental agreement. It also depends on how the job becomes available.

    Scenario: Full time driver retires from his bid job. The company can fill that job with a new hire, until the next annual bid. They can, under some agreements, fill that position with a cover driver, until the next bid.

    Post more about the situations you are talking about, and maybe you could get better answers than I have provided. You could also speak with your steward, I'm sure he could answer it better than I could, seeing how he would know your supplemental agreement better than I do.
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    Just curious here, but how do you know what the job pays? Is their some listing, or do you just know what the previous person doing it made?

    Also is this a union, or non-union job?

    Is this job under the air dept? They used to have different rules than regular jobs.
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    Check your contract handbook. Will have all salaries/pay increases in there from the time you start, and up.
    A "skilled position" on the reload here (loading trailer, scanning smalls) gets you $1.00 more per hour after 30 days of doing said job.
    I have heard that the pay increase is lost after leaving that position, i.e. going to unloader or car washer.