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Good afternoon everyone. A full time combo clerk position recently opened up at our center. A bid sheet was put up for 5 days. After that time I was third on the list in seniority. The first person disqualified themselves after a day. The second person on the seniority list was trained either the next day or the following day. After 20 or so working days the second individual on the seniority list disqualified themselves. After the disqualification of the second individual nothing was said to me about the job and they just had the normal backup do the position. I assumed there was nothing to it, so after an entire week went by with nothing from management, I spoke to our sort manager last Friday who informed me that after he spoke to “his labor guy” he was told that he could either continue to go down the bid sheet list or he could just create a new bid sheet all together. I was under the impression that all options must be exhausted on the bid sheet before a new bid sheet can be put up. Is this correct? Can they just put up a new bid sheet after 2 people disqualified themselves? There had to be at least 10 signatures on the bid sheet. Any information would be greatly appreciated. And if I need to file, under what article would this fall under? Thanks again everyone


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Wait management hasn't awarded the position to the highest seniority person on a bid sheet in years?

I find this very hard to believe.
I think what he means is someone takes the combo but doesnt fulfill the actual job in each combo. For example, someone gets 1st job as preloader and 2nd job as Clerk. If 1st job doesnt really need any preloaders, maybe they let him do air driving instead if he has a DOT. I have seen similar situations many times.


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You let it happen.
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So sick of your tired, repeated comment on this topic.

If you really want to get down to brass tacks, over 50% of our voting employees are part time.

If 2-5% of our full timers don't vote & 80-90% of the part timers don't vote, we can never, ever fulfill the required over 50% total voter requirement.

Therefore, until we have 2 separate contracts, the contract will never be ratified as "NO" because we will never get enough part timers that care. Too much of a revolving door job.

Maybe the Union Local reps should spend more time in the buildings encouraging ALL to vote for the 90 days prior to an election. Then maybe we will get more involvement. I do my part, but I cannot make face-2-face contact with all of the over 500 employees in our building.

Until you can speak to these facts, stop with your "record on repeat"....PLEASE!