Big Brown’s Big Deal

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    Big Brown’s Big Deal - Air Transport World

    In stark contrast to the air passenger and general airfreight sectors, both famously fractured into a myriad of global companies, the international express cargo delivery business looks more like other modern transnational industries dominated by a handful of mega-players. On a global scale, United Parcel Service (UPS), FedEx, DHL Express and TNT Express are really the only games in town.

    Which is why Atlanta-based UPS’s pending acquisition of Amsterdam-based TNT is of such consequence. If the €5.16 billion ($6.3 billion) deal goes through as expected, the international express game board will essentially belong to just three behemoths. And, as has been seen in FedEx’s reaction to the UPS-TNT merger, an increasing number of regional and domestic time-definite delivery operators are likely to be scooped up by the new, and expanding, Big Three.