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We need a place to rant here about things that we feel strongly about....or maybe just a joke or a monalogue about whatever.

I`ll go first.

I remember watching Don Messers Jubilee on my grandmothers 9 inch black and white tv about 45 years ago.Now I have my sony 32" lcd thats not much fatter than my wallet.Then came computers cd`s...dvd`s...burners,rippers ...and cell thru banking and debit cards.
The photo is an airbus that will be ready in the year 2010.Not far off.It runs on 14 million cubic feet of helium.No smoking.


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Since the posters on this board are from all over the country & world, I have a question for you all. In your Sunday paper, did you get a Walmart ad? I was just curious if the front cover of the ad is the same all over. In California, the cover of my Walmart ad shows a guy in his green Mexico soccer shirt and cheering his Mexico team on the big screen TV.

Walmart is an American Company (Arkansas). Shouldn't they be showing a guy with the red, white & blue soccer shirt especially since it's Memorial weekend? Shouldn't he be rooting for USA ? I'm perplexed by it all.....either that or I'm a racist! :confused:1


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No, we didn't have A Mexican on the front of our Walmart ad, they had a Caucasian family modeling "Faded Glory" clothes. Considering that just about everything they sell is made by our good friends in Communist China, including American flags, maybe a Chinese family would be more appropriate. I hate Walmart, besides the fact of their trade practices and I got my second hernia delivering to one, they also have two empty buildings in my town that they won't let their competitors buy.These buildings have been eyesores for years. No wonder so many towns are trying to keep them out.:mad:


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I had a peebles add with a young black(17 or so) man with baggy jeans,long baggy shirt, and jewelry too big for the outfit, and a white kid, with an unshaven stubbly looking beard growth, in a shirt that said something about being lazy. I know it got my gaul when I saw it. It to me depicted whites as lazy and blacks as gang bangers.