Bigfoot..what gives?

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Could this be the real Bigfoot?

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  1. ORLY!?!

    ORLY!?! Master Loader

    Bigfoot..what gives?

    Hello and welcome!

    A few days ago a couple of people supposedly pulled from a Georgia woods the body of a Bigfoot, so what gives?

    As the media always seems to be, they jump basically on anything at the moment creating interest. Not only that, they stick with the topic they present bashing it to death. As of recently they seem only to care about the Caylee Anthony story. This story has no reason to be given national attention, due to that there are so many missing children and people out. So what makes this story so special?

    As this leads up to Bigfoot, what gives? This could be the most important find of the century, even going up and over the finding of the lowland gorilla in Africa, yet no coverage whatsoever. I can understand one of the people being the less creditable internet geek. But there should be people putting a rush on this, for the scientific community and the interest of the American people, so what gives?

    Of course these two Georgia fellows teamed up with this internet guy, and they were told to hold onto it until someone presents a significant sum of cash to get the exclusive. So, what’s worth more? Pictures of a real Bigfoot or pictures of celebrity babies? Time is needed, to write the contract that states money will be given back if this find is a fake. Of course they are still waiting on a DNA test to confirm it being an animal and a new species.

    So what gives? Can’t they at least put a rush on this? So what gives? Can the media stop talking about stories with no backbone? So what gives?

    What is your opinion on the matter?

    Link to yahoo news. This contains the article, picture and video relative to the story. Enjoy!
  2. moreluck

    moreluck golden ticket member

    I think it been over-covered on Fox News. So far, 4 times today I've seen the box with a hairy thing in it and the pics. of the teeth & tongue too. Amazing that a creature living in the forest has shiny white teeth !!

    Those guys are trying to pull the big foot wool over our eyes.
  3. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    the reason no one has paid the big bucks is that the whole thing is a rip off.

  4. toonertoo

    toonertoo Most Awesome Dog Staff Member

    I truly think there could be a bigfoot, but my question is, doesnt anyone have a camera that can take a decent pic??????? If I found something like this I would shoot a million pics. If its real...............
  5. wkmac

    wkmac Well-Known Member

    Geez! Whatz the big deal? Bigfoot went to Hollywood back in the 80's and that's why they can't get a good photo of him in the woods anymore.
    Besides, I know North Georgia and especially the mountain areas extremely well and the only "Bigfoot" there is one with 4 large tires!

    Damn, you people are so dumb!
    BIG :tongue_sm
  6. ORLY!?!

    ORLY!?! Master Loader

    Amen to that!

    I don’t get it, almost all the photos of these paranormal types always end up too blurry or of poor quality. Most of the videos of this nature are so horrible to the point of protesting watching any of it.

    The photo of the beast is the one they have in the box, I heard. It might be relativity a young animal, with explains the whiter teeth. If so, it was living, did they shoot the animal? I thought most states had an anti shooting agreement of these animals at one time were considered a figment of the imagination.

    I will agree that it is a rip off, because they offer such a large price tag. There was a video of an alien encounter a few years ago. It offered second, third and even a fourth encounter. The person placed a 500,000,000 dollar price tag above it no one has or will buy it, ever!

    On to Bigfoot, for some reason capitalizes on word, this could be the find of all time. It could be stated as one of the lost links to human kind. Gigantopithecus is of the great apes said to gone extinct while the upbringing of mans evolution. Well, read up on it on wiki .

    Here’s a task, go ahead and google, yahoo or all of the above the Bigfoot topic. Let’s see some video or photos. Let’s try to keep it updated on the recent story as well. I find the topic interesting to the point that it is of the unknown, or has gone unnoticed for such a long period of time. I am as well skeptical or a skeptic overall. I have no views either way, it being real or fake. I’m just interested in the facts.
  7. moreluck

    moreluck golden ticket member

    I think there's a better chance of a Loch Ness Monster than a Big Foot.
  8. toonertoo

    toonertoo Most Awesome Dog Staff Member

    Well then there is South Bay Bessie. or the Lake Erie Monster...............
  9. ORLY!?!

    ORLY!?! Master Loader

    There could be.. I mean water, lakes and especially the ocean is 100 times harder to investigate then land. We know more about the surface of the moon then what is in our bodies of water.

    During the tsunami, a horde of thought long extinct fish washed up on shore.

    Cryptid is the correct term for it, Goodness, wiki is so addicting. I almost spent an hour looking up bigfoot then off to relative terms as such. To the reason why people believed in mythical creatures such as unicorns and dragons. Same for giants, because people found or dug up weird fossils and propaganda the facts of being some large beast with one horn, one eye and so on.

    Ah, the internet, a wealth of information. If you speak internets, you can obtain a great education. Who needs college anyways? Just for the paper or degree, I suppose.
  10. ORLY!?!

    ORLY!?! Master Loader

  11. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    I was dissapointed the poll did not have

    Oh hell no

    as a fourth option.