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    Have you ever been at a customers location and have them request that you provide biometric data to enter their facility?

    I was picking up at an auto parts warehouse today and when I walked into their building they wanted to take a photo of me, take my thumbprint and make a copy of my drivers license before I could pick up my freight. When I told the girl working at the desk that I would be happy to sign into a log book, but that I would not allow them to finger print me she went and got a manager, who tried to tell me that they had already approved this new policy through FedEx. I asked him what he did with my biometric data and he just looked at me with a dumb look on his face until I explained what biometric data was, he tried to tell me that they "just store in on their hard drives."

    After 10 minuets of back and forth with the shipping manager he relented when I told him that if he did not let me pick up the freight, without being finger printed that I would leave it behind.

    Has anybody else had to deal with customers wanting to do something like this?
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    Yes, and I do the same thing you do. It's ridiculous, and also time-consuming. Perhaps you should ask for their biometric data before you accept their freight.
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    Hopefully I do not have to deal with this customer again in the future, but if I do perhaps I will ask a copy of their "privacy policy," thankfully I was doing a pick up and not a delivery, I think if I had to deliver to these people and they tried that I would have to code it as a shipment refused code.


    I understand the ID request at a Government or Government contracted facility. What gets me is, when you get to a cell phone warehouse and they want to make sure you have a drivers license to drive your company vehicle. What does it matter to them?
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    I would also be happy to sign a visitor log and wear a visitor or vendor tag but would say no to being fingerprinted/photographed. What happens when you go on vacation--will they subject the cover driver to this same policy? Kudos for sticking to your guns.
  6. Cactus

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    I'd tell them they can drop off their freight at the nearest station.

    I wouldn't allow them to fingerprint or photograph me either.

    Some of these companies are taking themselves way too seriously.
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    I'll go further, on a route I used to cover as a swing, there were several prisons and jails on the route. At the county prison, they wanted me to leave my drivers license at the guard shack until I left the facility. I refused the first time, and they wouldn't let me in to deliver the freight. Besides the obvious, I told them I would be operating without a license while inside the prison as the dock was a half-mile drive from the gate. They eventually relented when I left with their freight. The next day when I returned and each time after that, they never requested my license again.
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    Ironic that a prison of all places would ask you to break the law. :O