Book by UPS driver who rose to president of the company offers leadership advice

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    Book by UPS driver who rose to president of the company offers leadership advice - Atlanta Business Chronicle

    A new book by Ron Wallace, the former president of United Parcel Service Inc.’s (NYSE: UPS) international package operations, offers career advice and stories about people he worked with along the way.

    Wallace was a delivery driver for six years in rural Idaho and rose through the ranks to become president of the company.

    Wallace’s new book - Leadership Lessons from a UPS Driver: Delivering a Culture of We, Not Me (Berrett-Koehler Publishers) - “pulls back the curtain on never-before-revealed principles into UPS successes spanning a century,” according to press material about the book.
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    Ron Wallace was around when we were in Utah......I remember him at a golf event.
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    I worked for UPS for nearly 40 years. This is an amazing book, filled with insights and details from the authors background, highlights fundamentals we sometimes move away from; integrity, honesty and doing it right…no short cuts! Critical ingredients to help build character.
    All the fundamentals of the UPS way I have come to know. Found it on Amazon and at: Great Book with a really cool cover!
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    Another one using their real name in their avatar? When will they learn.
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    GMan1 has been retired a couple of years and pretty much untouchable.
    He would not say anything detrimental about UPS anyway.
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    Don't matter---within 30 seconds of entering his name on Google I knew his life history. Apparently the dude don't care.
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    You should check it out! Great Read where the Drivers are the Heros. Think you would like it.
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    In what way?
    When I knew him, he cared strongly about UPS becoming stronger and providing better service to our customers.
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    I never said he didn't care about UPS. What I said was he apparently didn't care about hiding his identity or his life story.
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    What's wrong with making the company stronger?
    Regarding this book I am just saying that it is well done and really plays to the companies culture, history and most of all the people @UPS.
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    Do they have it at the library ?I'll have to check it out lol
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    Hey guys just got my copy of Inside UPS, good articles and they mention the book we were talking about, even a contest on leadership check it out @ page 14 or on line
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    Sounds good except for the part about integrity honesty and no shortcuts

    Gimme a break!!
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    Sounds like nitpicking to me!
    4 words out of the whole book?
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    I met Ron Wallace and his mother once, although very briefly, and he was quite cordial. Anyone who drives for 6 years before going into mgmt, I will say that I definitely admire more than one who only does one year or zero years behind the wheel.
    The UPS he worked for only exists in another universe now though. Drivers are no longer heroes. I'll probably check out the first few free pages for entertainment value, but he'd have to top the stories I've heard from the old timers who stayed in the cab for me to want to read the whole thing.
    We did have a DM once, who I was told shot a shotgun blast through the roof of a personal car from the inside while sitting in the backseat, and several drivers that hauled things in the PC that would be auto terminations now; a small boat, a steer calf, enough cross ties to landscape a whole yard...more if I thought longer.