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  1. Just a question out of curiosity. I started with UPS as a seasonal driver in July 2016. After being send home for almost 5 weeks I was called back and I was told I made book on 10/28/16. I did the 3 sales leads, I took that verbal safety test. I have been working every day since. I have yet to get my union paperwork. Today the shop steward finally approached me and said he would have paperwork for me tonight. Shouldn't my official union start day be 10/28/16? Won't this date effect my seniority and future bidding etc?
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    No, it does not affect your seniority, benefits, or pay. What it does do, is support the people who negotiate the contract, and fight for your rights as a member.
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    Book date.
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    The hiring freeze is from Oct 15th - Jan 15th so making book on Oct 28th sounds implausible. Then they kindly didn't work you through peak. The planets are aligned for you.

    Oh, did you know you can grieve the days you didn't work since the 28th?
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    Sounds like a good question for your steward when he returns to sign you up.
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    LMAO.. They require you to get sales leads now?
  7. The did work me every day, I worked peak.