Born on third base...

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by 804brown, Sep 20, 2012.

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    Of course that is the real world.

    When 804 who has worked many hard hours for UPS saves his money and opens his own Roofing business.

    It is small in the beginning and he works and does roofs along side the three people he has provided jobs for.

    As his business grows he hires ten more people , gives them fair pay and benefits but must still put in 16 hour days on bids, planning, payroll , gov regulations etc.

    After 30 long years his company has grown and 8o4 on the huge company he built is now hoping to provide his son with a better start in life that he endured. He has become a millionaire and has paid MORE than his fair share of taxes as well as providing the government with other taxpayers through jobs.

    No wait --Obama has stepped in. You did not build that business. Everyone must get a shot. Your son is not special to me. I will take your business and re-distribute it ------so that all the peoples sons --that did not work even half as hard as you --will get the SAME.
    This is the AMERICA some want to live in ????:sad-little: