"Brown" Celebrates 100th Birthday

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    "Brown" Celebrates 100th Birthday - CBS

    Over the past century, UPS drivers have become so familiar that most people know them by the color of the uniform.
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    :)at one time they would say deano,or jack is here.people knew the driver by first name.:thumbup1::blush::lol:when i first started ups never advertised.they were making money then.:cool:today you go to a shipper oh ups is here.
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    i have a repoire with my customers, and i'm covering the route for 2 weeks.
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    Nothing beats having your own route, cuz then they do know you by name and treat you like a fellow employee or friend.
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    and they're trained; they know how to prepare export docs, where to leave them, how to put the labels on, etc.

    i love the repore. it's small, but it's definitely a factor in why our senior drivers still do what they do.