Buy FedEx, UPS on 'Double-Dip' Fear Dips?

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    Buy FedEx, UPS on 'Double-Dip' Fear Dips? - CNBC

    In a continuing saga unfolding on Wall Street, many individual analysts are upgrading the companies they cover based on company metrics, despite macroeconomic fears being spread by top-down economists.

    It’s a battle where it’s not quite certain who to believe: the more objective economists studying the data from 30,000 feet or the individual analyst, who tends to err on the favorable side, but have a laser-focus on the microeconomic factors sometimes missed from the economists’ Ivory towers.

    The latest example came today when a BB&T analyst upgraded FedEx and UPS following a 19% drop and 8% slide respectively in the shares over the last three months on double-dip recession fears.