CA. Governor's race

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by moreluck, Sep 29, 2010.

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    I really don't like either of the candidates. It's a lesser of 2 evils election... again.

    I absolutely cannot stand Gloria Allred, her manipulative tactics make my skin crawl. Now that she's turning tricks for Jerry Brown's campaign I'll probably vote for Meg Whitman.
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    And you guys make fun of us because we follow the age old tradition of buying votes.
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    The state unions control California and Jerry Brown is in their pocket. At least Whitman does not owe allegiance to anyone but the citizens of CA. CA needs to take on the state unions just like NJ. Will Brown do that? No! Lots of cuts need to be made and create a business friendly climate by increasing tax incentives and reducing regulations. Help with relocation costs. Get private companies to commit to hiring laid off state employees. Help pay to retool. Help fertilize another valley....(like silicon) only this valley is named alternative energy. California has one of the toughest compliance climates in the USA. Give major breaks to start up or relocated companies dealing with compliance issues. Allow at least a 5 year plan to get them on line. The more employees - the more incentives.

    Right now jobs and companies growth and government shrinkage are the keys to success and when it comes to a life long politician or a business woman/billionaire, I will take the business woman!

    How did UPS end up in Atlanta?