Calif. College Offers Scholarship to Illegal Immigrants

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Lue C Fur, May 28, 2010.

  1. Lue C Fur

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    Is America great or what!!!

    A public community college in California has set up a scholarship fund for immigrant students — including illegal immigrants. The $2,500 scholarship has sparked anger by some, including at least one lawmaker who is threatening to cut off federal funding to the school.
    Orange County's Santa Ana College says the controversial new memorial scholarship will be funded by private donations and honors former student Tan Ngoc Tran, a student leader and immigrant-rights activist who transferred to Brown University before she was killed by a drunk driver on May 15.
    Students eligible for the new scholarship must have a 3.0 or higher grade point average, demonstrate a financial need and must also be trying to become an American citizen. Those eligible include students holding green cards, students who have permanent residency — and illegal, undocumented immigrants.
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    If the scholarship is privately funded and does not affect the financial aid or scholarships for their other students I don't see the big deal. It's not as though they can take the $2,500 and go back across the border. $2,500 is probably enough to pay for tuition and books for one semester.

    If the money was coming from governmental sources, either at the local, state or Federal level, then I would have an issue with it. Privately funded scholarships can establish whatever rules they want. There could be a scholarship with the only requirement that the recipient be under 4'6" tall. Absurd, but possible.
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    I agree if its private money but if you read into it then its sounds like some tax money went towards the scholarship...and that i disagree with. In the end, rewarding illegals is just wrong.
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    Here's the problem i have with this. This is a PUBLIC Community college (I didn't download the link because it would suck up my bandwidth). As such, the tuition is not the true cost of the school due to the fact that the school is subsidized by funds generated by taxes. So if an illegal wins the $2,500 scholarship (assuming that this is a full scholarship)and the true, real, cost of attendance is 3,000, the illegal just got subsidized to the tune of 500 dollars at the expense of the taxpayers.

    Also, I understand that many public schools are getting hammered by admissions requests due to kids not able to afford the private schools anymore. As a result, many community colleges for the first time are putting a limit on admissions. So if this is the case for this school, an illegal can bump a citizen from this school.

    Finally, I do get your argument, upstate. So I will play along. What if I decided I wanted to fully fund a scholarship and the recipient must be a child molester, currently practicing? Everyone would say, "how could you give this scholarship to a person who is practicing an illegal act?" I would say that same question applies to this case of the scholarship going to someone who illegally entered this country.

    Furthermore, this scholarship encourages the illegal immigrant to continue staying in the country illegally.
    Personally, I don't give a rat's whisker one way or another. I am mad that I typed this much already , when I could have cleaned up this paperwork disaster I've got brewing five feet away. :sick:

    UPSAOT New Member

    No surprise. My daughter is looking into college for next year. I asked her why she didn't bring the list of scholarships to apply for that is available in the school office. She said why bother-they are all for minorities. I'm in Illinois so I'm sure legal or not doesn't matter.
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    C,mon now, what about Foreign Exchange Students (and no that program doesn't mean a trade of 1 to 1).
    What about the 100 or more US doctor grads in Montreal each year ?
    They only pay tuition, which is probably cheaper then in the US, why else would they come here ?

    My brothers family took in a foreign exchange student from Germany. His kids don't go to college, atleast not yet. I don't think they ever will.
    We all know how bad student housing is, yet some families take in foreigners. Wanna make that a crime, too ?

    If someone has the smarts, it should get promoted.
    With a medical degree, for example. They will most likely benefit your country later in life.
    If not, you benefit from others getting that degree in some other country and moving to the US.

    Win , win situation.
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Tell your daughter to go to for a complete list of available scholarships, although if she is starting in the fall she may be too late.

    She does have a point in that minorities do seem to have an advantage when it comes to scholarships.
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    She can get a full scholarship if she'll change her name to Adiba Afaf Badriyyah..........'aab' for short!
  9. Lue C Fur

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    Hey Klein...this is about an "ILLEGAL" going to college for free...not an exchange student or someone on a student visa, etc.
  10. klein

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    Thats a problem you guys need to fix. MY suggestion would give them a 5year notice, that starting school year 2016, all students enrolling into the education system must provide :
    a) US birth certificate or
    b) legal immigration papers or
    c) proof of american citizenship

    Yes, it still allows children from illegals that were born in the US to enroll in school.
    But, it would stop, or slow down the flow, of anyone illegally entering the country that already has kids/babies.
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    Thanks Upstate-I think she is already registered on that site and plans to spend the summer writing essays :) She has one more year of high school so hopefully something will happen for her. We did apply for the James Casey scholarship, but never had any response.

    Moreluck-love it! I did tell her she was born in the wrong time period because in another 10 years or so she WILL be a minority. Too bad she can't get a scholarship for being one of the few blonde, blue-eyed people in her school, lol.