Call out


Go big or go home!
Can they? Technically yes, if they denied your advanced request.

However, if it’s just a simple write up, I’d ignore it. You tried to do the right thing and warn them. Someone is just pissed.

Also, I’d change you’re name / handle on this site if that’s your real name.

ski or die

Ski or Die
Went on a vacation with a feeder driver, supervisor, and myself. The feeder driver called in sick everyday for 5 days. Not a word was said to him. It was funny because a supervisor was with us who was from same bldg. but different department. Another time took a day off with 2 fellow co-workers and a different supervisor, we all called in sick including supervisor. Nothing ever said. There are some decent supervisors out there. Then there is also many that will stab you in the back.