Can a UPS driver go into management?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Magnun, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. Magnun

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    I know that it is going to be very difficult to get my masters degree while working as a driver, but i will do anything(legally) to achieve my goals. I was just wonderring if it is possible to go into management afer i finish my masters degree. Thank you!
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You would simply submit your letter of intent through your mgt team for consideration.

    The obvious question is why would you limit your job choices to UPS management, especially with a Master's Degree in your back pocket?
  3. northr

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    if your smart you'll use your master degree somewear else!!!!!
  4. TheKid

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    Don't do it. They will take your soul.
  5. bad company

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    Of course you can... but... why?

    Please do your homework before you make your decision.

    Go to UPSERS and look under the Career Development tab. The MAPP is fairly simple. Your experience as a packager car driver and having a degree will get you a higher pay grade to start out with, but the incentive still isn't there IMHO.

    Although I could see you using a UPS management position as a 2 year stepping stone to leap to bigger and better things. I know a former on-car supervisor (2 years in a small center) who got hired to be Director of Transportation for a County Board of Education. Makes over 105K, gets a car, and only works about 9 hours a day...
  6. Re-Raise

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    How long have you been a driver?

    How could you not know that some drivers go into management?

    Do you think it requires a masters degree to be a UPS manager?

    A masters in what?
  7. grgrcr88

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    Yes, good luck. I hear with all the cuts in management they should be hiring some in say 20 years!!!!!
  8. toonertoo

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    How do you not know wondering has 1 R.
    And yes they can, those that cant do.
  9. brownmonster

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    Can a UPS driver go into management? The fact that you are asking this question makes you a perfect candidate.:knockedout:
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    What is your undergrad degree in?
    Go find something that you'll enjoy after 20 years.
    UPS may not be it.
    I don't know anyone that truly enjoys this day in and day out. I was told over 20+ years ago the "UPS is not for everyone", but it looks brilliant compared to where i was.
    It still looks brilliant to people on the outside.
    I have friends that actually like what they do and they are happy with their career choices.
  12. Anonymous 10

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    I think if you go into management right now with whats going on you've got to be a real tool so in other words you will do fine go for it.We meaning the Teamsters will be fine without you.
  13. whiskey

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    As a package car driver, there is no way you will be able to physically attend classes. 16 years of classromm was plenty for em.
  14. TechGrrl

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    I was under the impression that they are so hard up for people to accept jobs as package supervisors that they are taking hub types and off the street types for those jobs now. If you submit your letter, and are otherwise are competent, I would think you would be taken in with open arms.

    I'm retired now, and concerned about the future of the company, but if all the good guys leave, the bad guys win by default.


    I am amazed at how many people ask about going in to managment, if you have worked for the company as long as you say and still are asking you have blinded yourself to the reality of it all. It is hard enough for Drivers to do what they do and put up with all of the garbage from management, they at least have the union to go to, if you go into management not only will you have no real protection, your insurance will stink and you will be treated way worse then a driver. I have been a partime supervisor for a few years, i started as an hourly and made the biggest mistake of my life, i went in to management; regret after regret after regret. If you have any intelligence from the degrees you have you will look elsewhere or stay a driver, no matter what you are told and management will lie to you to tell you the grass is greener on the othr side but you will see a rotted old beat down road if you cross that way. Stay away form managment they are all corrupt and do not care who they spit on!
  16. Cezanne

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    To tell you the truth most of the front line full time supervisors and managers in my building are secretly applying for greener pastures elsewhere. They see the writing on the wall, yes they do. So choose wisely.:wink2: