Can my supervisor really do this?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by upser92, Feb 21, 2012.

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    I asked this question in the UPS Discussions thread too but it probably belongs here...

    My supervisor lately has had it out for me and as a loader for 2 years I have the most seniority on my belt. Anyways he's mad because he doesn't like the fact I use that to get the most hours so what he does is and I'm not joking, he starts me at 11 and the rest of the belt at 11:01 so I can't stay later than any of them. He says because I started "earlier" I can't use my seniority. This can't be right can it?
  2. 10yearteamster

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    No, it's not right. Talk to your steward. If you don't have a steward, contact your local business agent and have them file a grievance under Article 37 Section 1 - Management Employee Relations.
  3. Ghost in the Darkness

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    Seems like an obvious case for harassment.
  4. upser92

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    I am harassed quite a bit! Frequently told by my boss how badly I suck and that I'm lazy. I mean I'm not walking around full of sweat and dying like some of them but I'm not gonna kill myself so a pt sup can get 50 more pph an hour. I move plenty fast enough to hold my stuff down and help out
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    Seniority is everything you have a right to the most time.Since the guy is breaking your chops anyway stay and watch after you get off the clock I am sure the sups are working file a time and a half grievance article 3 -7
  6. BCFan

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    double time actually BC
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    Seniority gives you the right to bid vacations before lower senority employees and as a driver it gives you the right to bid a "route preference". Otherwise you work as instructed and you work safely.
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    So you are saying it is OK for junior employees to work more hours than the OP?
  9. PT Stewie

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    That would be a wrong answer as a senior person you are entitled to more time . I would challange you every day of the week.Read the contract.
  10. brown_trousers

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    You obviously skipped over the other 95% of our union contract
  11. 10yearteamster

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    You couldnt be more wrong.
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    Here let me give you a realistic answer, senority guarantees but so much. Your guaranteed overtime over any junior employee. Assuming that you are a part timer your guarantee by contract 3 1/2 hrs of work. The company can keep you up to 5 hrs if they wish to, and of course over 5 is OT. But senority does not guarantee you to stay over any employee unless a junior employee makes overtime only then can you grieve it and get paid. Otherwise 3 1/2 and out the door. Believe me im speaking from experience. Not to tip the table over but im a supervisor and i was in that situation before. I had 2 employees, one of them was guarantee to milk the clock and make overtime the other one wanted to go home just as bad as i did. they both made their 3 1/2. and guess who i kept? By the way you wouldnt want to get in situation where you refuse to follow instructions and clock out .. wouldnt want what happen to him to happen to you and that is get escorted out the building.. True story. Work you fair days pay and management are more likely to keep you longer then others. Hopefully you find a resolution even if i didnt sort that out for you. Good luck
  13. 10yearteamster

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    I don't know what company you work for, but you're wrong and come off as misinformed. No Junior employee should ever get more hours than someone who is his senior. I would grieve this and I would win every time.
  14. jace1319

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    what section or article does it say in your contract that senior pt employees is guaranteed to make more then a p/t union junior employee?
  15. 10yearteamster

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    Seniority is given prime consideration, therefore there must be a good reason this is happening otherwise it fall under discrimination. I've filed this on supervisors 3 times and I won 3 times. Your center obviously has a terrible shop steward
  16. upser92

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    Thanks for all the help and I talked to a ft sup about it and not only have they not tried to give me less hours anymore but also I've gotten a dollar raise! UPS being nice for a change
  17. jace1319

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    really? theres no discrimination when we no longer need your service and as the company goes we staff our operations efficiently. Once you make your guarantee we can pick and choose who we get to keep. so no.. senority has no say who gets to stay unless like i stated before.. junior employee makes over time..

    ...And just like I thought.. Section or Article... NOT FOUND....

    By the way you would have to prove discrimination and by the least to say those are serious allegations so make sure you know what your getting into. Because once you do....there's no going back and so you know the company was build on integrity. You wouldnt want anyone to question yours.

  18. Dynomite

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    You got a dollar raise for that? I find that hard to believe.
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    No they gave other people the dollar raise for pick pay and asked me if I'd like it. I do about 400 PPH or move the belts irregs for the night so it's not like I'm a bad employee
  20. PT Stewie

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    There is language in article 3 that applies . If you can't or won't work it out I would take you to panel. Once again common sense applies the senior employee deserves the work and time if he wants it.What is the problem ? Why not be fair ?
    As far as the integrity remark I believe that statement" the company was built on integrity",but over the years I have seen a lot of horse sh-t from sups who make up rules as they go and do things that are wrong even unethical. We all need to do what is right.