Canada Council of Teamsters ratifies five-year agreement with UPS

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    Canada Council of Teamsters ratifies five-year agreement with UPS - Smart Money

    UPS Canada (NYSE:UPS) is pleased to announce that a tentative agreement with the Canada Council of Teamsters has been ratified. This results in a new five-year agreement covering approximately 5,500 employees throughout Canada.

    "This agreement is good for our people, our customers and our company," says Mike Tierney, president of UPS Canada. "Its ratification shows the strong commitment on both sides to serving our customers. Now that the negotiation process is complete, we can continue to focus on doing what we do best: providing our customers with the excellent service they have come to expect from UPS."
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    Whimps !

    A no win situation for both sides.
    UPS Canada will continue to see a high turn-over rate of drivers and loaders, and for those that stay for $25 hr, you're not getting ahead, esspecially now with the new 15% HST tax. Doesn't even make up for it, after the entire 5 years are done.
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    No, a wimp is a person who doesn't even fight his firing and then complains about it on a website for two months.
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    It took them 2 months to officially fire me, remember ? I sure do !
    No last paycheck, no vacation pay, no pinkslip !

    It sucked !