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    "What it's most vulnerable to right now is someone putting aboard a cargo shipment contants that could then be used to explode the aircraft or a person on board the aircraft who could then take over the aircraft," said Collins.

    A spokesman for UPS says security could be tighter at other airports, international or domestic, compared to Louisville, based on particular threats or the region. He says no changes are being ordered from this latest threat because the company believes security measures already in place are sufficient.

    But Collins says that what they are advocating is maintaining that standard throughout the system. "One level of security, one level of safety," says Collins.

    The Independent Pilots Association recommends three areas of improvement: better employee screening, comprehensive cargo screening, and allowing cargo pilots to carry guns.

    That way if the package gets through screening we can shoot the darn thing!

    Go UPS!
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    You know the pilots, too much time on their hands with nothing to do.
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    Well if I remember correctly it was one of our co businesses that gave a certain gent a lift not too long ago. And if he could hitch hike, then a terrorist could also.

    I vote guns in the cabin, and a strong lock on the door.

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    That was not UPS.
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    Many reports said it was UPS. I say we get with this man and his mother for an ad campaign.

    Mother:"I trust only UPS to haul my most precious cargo!"

    Son: (pops out of the box) "Hi Mom, I'm home!"

    beats Dale Jarrett getting sweetened up at the beauty shop.
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    My understanding was that UPS picked the crate up, but...., since it was not a known shipper, turned it over to a forwarder who gave it to Kitty Hawk Airlines, a cargo carrier, who moved the guy on a few flights and then subbed out the actual delivery. Kudos to UPS for following homeland security guidelines, a big ':censored2:' to the guy who shipped himself, he could have easily died...the only question is....would that have been a body parts shipment, or an overgood????!!

    Go UPS!