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Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by Dalamo, May 5, 2011.

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    For some unknown reason (according to management) our city freight has been slow. My scheduled p&d start time is 12:00 i have been getting calls in the mornings from our operations manager to come in at 15:00 to work the dock, sometimes i dont answer my phone and he leaves a message saying that hes with a shop steward is that good enough. I dont have a home phone and i turn my cell off while charging when i turn it on the messages show up, is that good enough or does he actually have to talk to me. 1 time i didnt call him back and showed up at my scheduled start time he told me not to clock in until 1500 i told him that i wasnt going to hang around for 3 hrs and left i live about 50minutes from the terminal and i wasnt going to go back home to come back. I know everybody pretty much has a cellphone but UPS doesnt pay our bill and we are not paid to be on call any suggestions on what articles are being violated (if any) would really be appreciated ​
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    Over in the package division, I start at start time. If your steward is making a side deal with your sup, I would be at the union hall roasting someone's petunia shall we say. In your contract, they should have something about when and how they can change you start time, but a call a few hours before isn't good enough in package.
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    Normally, Teamsters had a 24 hr notice practice in place. Meaning the company must give you atleast 24, (some even 48), hr notice in case of a shift change.
    So, ask if that's the case for you .
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    As the previous two have said, we are given 24 hour notice of a change in start time here on the package side. I don't know if this applies to freight or not--I would think that it would.

    Let's look at this from a different perspective--wouldn't it be better to get some hours than no hours at all? In other words, laid off.
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    Here they have to notify us a week in advance of a change in start time
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    THis is the correct answer here ( NE package div) and in other areas too (not sure about all of the supplements of course) The co has to notify 1 week in advance start time change.
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    By us posted on the thursday before, and could be up to one hour