Charity work. Supporting Nationwide Children's Hospital, Columbus, Ohio

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    Please delete if not allowed. I'm a driver for UPS and while on route I received a call that no parent wants to get get. My son was being admitted to the hospital and would undergo a 6hr procedure on his heart the next day. In Jan 2015 my 15 year old son (now 17) was diagnosed with 2 life threatening heart conditions (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome after passing out while playing a pick up game of basketball at our local YMCA. He is no longer allowed to play competitive sports and has an implanted cardio-defibrillator to protect him in the event he would ever pass out again. You see, he has the condition that athletes have died suddenly due to an undiagnosed heart condition. You can only imagine how difficult it was to grasp that an avid athlete would not be able to compete. Time has passed and I thank God daily that my son was given a second chance. My family and I can't thank Nationwide Children's Hospital (NCH)in Columbus, Ohio enough for the excellent care he receives. He is a lifelong patient. On October 16th, myself and 8 others will be running the Columbus Half Marathon. I'm reaching out for support. Kyle is a Patient and Children's Champion. We have created a team in his honor Team Kyle Mitchell to give back to NCH. If you wish to donate, go to Columbus Marathon, click (or search) Children's Champion, search teams (Team Kyle Mitchell) and donate. Please click on the link below to hear Kyle's story.
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