Chemical leak contained at Brockton UPS facility

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    Chemical leak contained at Brockton UPS facility - Enterprise News

    Wearing protective chemical suits, the technicians entered the back of the trailer as fumes spilled out of it in the early morning hours.

    Inside, a 1.8-gallon bottle of nitric acid broke while being loaded into a trailer at the United Parcel Service shipping facility, at 200 Oak Hill Way, about 11:11 pm. Monday.

    “It was a nitric acid spill, in a small quantity, while it was being loaded onto a truck,” Deputy Fire Chief Kevin Galligan told The Enterprise. “The people loading it into the truck found that it was broken and it started fuming and off-gassing.”
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    I am honestly shocked that it doesn't happen more often, and that more people aren't seriously injured as a result. Our hazmat procedures would be good...if they were actually followed! Too many people just toss stuff into a trailer, forget (or intentionally neglect) to F3 the package, etc..
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    It's going to take someone being seriously hurt or death until UPS takes it serious.