Cheney Now Admits To Giving The Order To Shoot Down US Airliner on 9/11

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. wkmac

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    Cheney Admits that He Lied about 9/11
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    If it is on the Internet, it has to be true...
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    Is this like Killing people with Drones ??--or even contemplating Killing U.S. citizens on U.S. soil with drones ????

    Cheney is History ---Obama is Present --God only knows what is Future !!!:sad-little:
  7. MrFedEx

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    It was God's will that Obama was elected.
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    If it is on the WWW, which Al Gore invented, it is an absolute fact.
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    OK, it was God's will that the devil didn't get elected President.
  11. And how do we know if he is the "real" Cheney? Just kidding(or not). :wink2:
    BTW IMO those objects that appeared to be planes couldn't/impossible to shot down... Radars failed to track them due to whatever official explanations they had. Wait a minute, the Russian radars also failed to detect the recent meteor too, ahh I don't even go down that road now... :peaceful:
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    I will never know. She is such a distasteful, hateful person that I dismiss her without even listening.
    She is Integrity on steroids! Strong steroids.

    She would be the wicked witch of the west if they remade OZ.

    She would be Cheney on Switching Sexes.

    OK, I've run out of comparisons.
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    Do you have a child in the armed forces? Would you rather a drone took out an enemy on foreign soil, or we sent in our children in by the thousands?

    There is no plan to use drones in the USA except by your friendly local police department. There is no god who controls the future, or is clairvoyant.
  14. moreluck

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    We use drones because we don't have troops......we are weak and Obama likes it that way!!!
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    You can't be serious.
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    Other countries are building up nuclear capabilities.....we are tearing ours down. I'm serious!
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    Jones, Be safe and don't face palm while you are driving. Thanks!
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    Your Hypocrisy makes me laugh. I guess if a Hi-jacked Plane in complete control on Terroists was headed to the school YOUR child was in --You would cheer Cheney or anyone else that had to make the tough decision to sacrafice a few to save many !!

    To be clear --all the nonsense about Bush and Cheney -incuding pouring water over someones face --is repulsive to you --yet you support killing by drone ???

    I SUPPORT BOTH ---I made the point about Obama because of LIBERAL HYPOCRISY !! I support Obama's use of Drones ----with very limited -if ever use on U.S. soil.
  19. island1fox

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    Let me add--since I just drank a second cup of coffee :

    Bush Lied !!!

    Cheney Lied!!!

    Obama is god on earth --everything he says and does is Blessed !!!!!! Hope and Change !!!!

    Very true for Libs --but so so very SAD !!!
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    Two out of three ain't bad.