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    I think its odd that you cant get some things in some places.
    A radio guy here (Toronto)just drove to Buffalo and coming back through customs the officer says ,how long was your visit to the USA.He says about 15 minutes.Did you make any purchases? Yes I have 8 24 packs of cherry coke in my trunk.Please pull your car over there.
    You cant get it here,they have cherry vanilla,but in his call to cokes head office he was informed surveys have revealed nobody wants it here.
    In Newfoundland you can get pineapple crush.why not here?
    I have heard that Canadians are unique in thier consumption of ketchup
    potato chips.(ick)and in Quebec every variety store (depaneur)sells cheese curds,and mcdonalds sells poutine(fries covered in cheese curds that are smothered in hot gravy)and in Nova Scotia Mcdees sells lobster on a bun(Mclobster?)
    When I was young I was on a road trip through the souhern states and had to try some grits with my breakfast.(another big ick) no such thing up here.In Britain,KFC adds baked beans to every order.
    Moreluck sent me 3 boxes of rice chex (god bless her) because we only get krispix here...
    ok,is there anyone else that cant find something thats available in other places?
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    No Cherry Coke? Thats rough. I knew those places existed but I thought they were run by communists still. I am from the Chicago area and until recently could not find really good southern BBQ.. That problem has been solved when I found SMOQUE on Pulaski. But being from this area you can easliy find great food anywhere.

    Can i suggest the next time you grab a coke and a smile and but some cherry extract in it.
  3. moreluck

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    Use some juice from the jar of maraschino cherries.
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    I'm sorry, but you are all being disgusting and I want a moderator to immediately delete your posts.

    Ruining a perfectly good coke by adding cherry flavor. YUCK!
  5. moreluck

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    Remember when they actually sold flavored cokes at the soda fountains??
    Remember soda fountains??

    I always went for a vanilla coke because I didn't have the allowance for the milkshakes.

    Remember phosphates?? Lime phosphate was my fav.
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    YOU ARE RIGHT, I AM SO ASHAMED!!!:sad-very:

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

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    Yeah, you guys are lucky you can get AC&C in Canada...wish we could get it here without having to pay $40 a bottle for somebody there to mail it to us (somebody we don't know, who sells via the internet).
  9. DS

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    If I'm not mistaken,thats a federal offence...
    what is AC&C?
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    Funny you all should mention Woolworth's. A friend of mine sent me an e-mail of the old menu from the counter. Banana Splits $.35. The prices were from the late 50's and amazing!!

    Sorry, I deleted it, or I'd send it here.

    The ideal world would be today's wages with the 50's prices for all of our goods. Dreaming!
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    Yep, you're right...not sure who would be in more trouble - the shipper or
    receiver? It's always sent by USPS - apparently that somehow makes it easier
    to get through customs...but I don't know why.

    Sometimes spelled A.C. & C. - aspirin, codeine, & caffeine. Also known
    as "222".

    There are lots of Canadian sites that sell the stuff to anybody.
  16. rod

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    I couldn't get any Land O Lakes American cheese the first time I went to Phoenix years ago. The clerk at Albertsons looked at me wierd and said "all of our cheese is American".:peaceful:
  17. ol'browneye

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    Anybody here drink Sundrop? I think it is a regional drink, mainly in the South but it is big in this part of Missouri.

    And speaking of BBQ, anybody other than St. Louis, MO people ever had a grilled pork steak? Another regional thing.
  18. mattwtrs

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    In Pennsyltucky I grill pork chops all the time.
  19. Big Babooba

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    I worked at a pharmacy after I graduated from high school. One of my duties was to work the counter as a soda jerk. Remember those cone shaped cups with the holders? It was amazing what people would drink . Cherry cokes and vanilla Cokes were run of the mill. One customer always ordered Coke with milk . Another always got Bromo Seltzer in his chocolate milkshake:sick:(we had a dispenser that held a large, upside down bottle, remember those?). People would also come in and buy straight Coke syrup.
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    White Castle Hamburges are not available nationwide. And if you ever had the pleasure of dining on White Castles, you would remember the experience.

    Anyone see this movie?

    Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (2004)