Cheryl and Tony are together again


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With a heavy heart, I have to announce that the owner of Brown Cafe has left us. Tony Express passed away from cancer on May 7 and Cheryl passed on May 22. I don't know the reason and it doesn't really matter, I would like to think maybe it being from a broken heart. They met in high school and were together ever since. They both led a full life and had many adventures from what I know.

Cheryl's daughter announced this to the mod staff a couple of days ago and is now trying to decide what to do with her site. I spoke with her today and she would like to find somebody to continue her mother's vision. The Brown Cafe was her first website and started on October 12, 1999. It came about because Cheryl was involved with a Motely Fool UPS discussion board and didn't like how people were disrespected and bullied on there. Her idea was to have a place where people could have mature discussions about the company. She didn't care if you were a union member, management, liberal, or conservative. Cheryl just wanted a place where ideas could be discussed in a reasonable way. To this day, I never have known what her political stances were. Personally, as a moderator, I feel like I have failed her. Moderating a discussion board is a very difficult task I have found. I don't know the reason or who actually started disputes among different members. So for now, let us try to enjoy this place as long as it lasts. I currently don't know the future of what will happen.
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