Chess GAME



In the never ending battle for souls
Defined on a level above and beyond
Good and Evil wage a malicious war of circumstances...
Like a perplexing match of chess
This battle is for the quintessential spiritual personification of being
Your essence, your control, the elixir of light
Thus an enigmatic paradox of evil, which comprehend not
For your opponent knows no other plausibility's
And the Devil has played this game a million times infinitely squared
A seasoned veteran of strategic violent opposition
And your evolution through divinity
Manipulating through chaos and turmoil
A metaphoric reality, Of realities metaphors
Where guerrilla warfare is disguised as harmony
And once again we're engaged in combat
Frontal assaults
Flanking maneuvers
Backdoor ambushes
On the battlefield gathered underneath the heavens
His deception is to be expected
And it's your move