Chinese decision hits UPS, others

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    Chinese decision hits UPS, others - Atlanta Journal Constitution

    China has given its national postal service a monopoly over the domestic letter and document delivery market, cutting UPS and rivals FedEx, DHL and TNT out of a huge potential market.

    A law went into effect Oct. 1 that stipulates that only China Post may deliver letters and documents mailed within China. Foreign carriers may still deliver letters in or out of the country, as well as packages mailed within China, UPS spokesman Norman Black said.

    Still, the domestic letter rule is a setback for Sandy Springs-based UPS.
  2. pakmule

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    China is a COMMUNIST Government. Are the Corp. big wigs in total shock and disbelief that this happened?
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    Well, like, WOW, man! Kinda like Christmas has never happened before!!! Why are we so busy?
  4. cachsux

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    Shock and disbelief? Hell UPS is calling them up for tips on running the company.
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    Basically, China is saying that it is just fine and dandy for us to shuttle their crap around the U.S. but they are more then capable of doing the same in their own country, with their own products.

    See how free trade works people?
  6. klein

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    Hey now, Americans try the same.
    Just recently they tried to stop our Canadian NHL Hockey teams from chartering flights from Air Canada. That take them from Canada to 1 American city to another.
    i.E: Edmonton Oilers flying to San Diego, next game in Detroit .
    In this case, they would either have to fly back to Canada, and return to the states, or get a US airline to fly them.

    Luckily, we said we would retaliat, with the same.
    And your congress dropped it !
    Actually, went to the top Harper - Obama chat .

    Just saying, you guys aren't much better.. with protecting your own needs.

    And whats this "Buy American Policy" ? One of a kind on the world.
    We , or Europe, sure don't have it in place.
  7. rod

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    I say we destroy all Walmarts
  8. JimJimmyJames

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    Heck, I admire China looking out for the Chinese.

    As for Europe, or anywhere else, it is always encouraged by them for America to drop it's tariffs and abide by the "free" trade mantra. Forbid the thought that the rest of the world (well, I guess except for Canada :wink2:) does the same.
  9. JimJimmyJames

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    And Canada :happy-very:.
  10. klein

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    This may seem silly, but years and years ago, I thought hard about politics, and still do.
    But, back then, and maybe even now, I thought communisum would work, if they just did it right.
    Not like the old USSR, (no one allowed in or out, same as goods).

    Now, maybe like China is developing.
    (they aren't there yet).

    But, what would be wrong if every corperation would be government owed ? Non per profit .
    No more Warren Buffet or Bill Gates, or other high paid rollers.
    Instead, everyone that works thier fare share, lives a real good life.

    Non per profit medicare seems to work great here and Sweden. Not perfect, but good. Still above the per profit medicare system.

    And they do have employee buyout companies, that prospered after they bought into it.
    If China finds the perfect middle. Yes, thats the new USA (Superpower) on this planet.
    Which is basically sharing the wealth.

    Face it, the poor or low income people can't strive the economy.
    Either can the very rich (thier money sits in the bank).
    Keep money flowing (exchanges hands), and that does the trick.
    Sad , but true.
  11. randomUPSISer

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    ^ Its not so much communism thats working in China. Its protectionism, along with a centrally planned economy.

    Both things do not exist in America. In fact, we provide tax incentives to foreign companies to setup shop in America (Read: Subsidize foreign competition) and provide incentives for American businesses to source everything from over seas.

    I dont think centrally planned is required, though obviously in China's case it seems to be working.