Chiropractor yes or no

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Andre the Giant in an old match wrestled the Iron Sheik.
He stood on Sheiks back in the middle of the ring.
One of the commentators mentioned Andre was just giving him a lumbar adjustment!


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Just in the last year, I've had one acquaintance die of a chiropractor-induced stroke and another go blind in an eye. Both of them were at high-dollar places that aren't the normal low life quacks.

Just don't do it.

Even if it works, they're just dealers who keep you coming back after you get that first hit, and using their services makes you continually need them.

Learn to stretch a lot and lift heavy weights. Get more muscle, more flexibility, and less fat, and most of those problems go away.


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I see a bone cracker about once a year for a tune up. I always feel like Lind Blair in the exorcist when he's done with me.



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Myself and many other drivers in my old center used chiropractors to help get rid of aches and pains.
I have almost always had good results with chiropractic adjustments. A few times he recommended physical therapy or multiple massage therapy to try and correct my problems.