Chris Mathews...moron.

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Lue C Fur, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. Lue C Fur

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    The sounds bites from this guy are priceless. I hope they never take him off the air...but with so little viewers they might have to cancel is show....LMAO!!!!

  2. toonertoo

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    Speaking of racist, those boys need to reel themselves in. Him and King Harry should start their own "just for racists" club
  3. brett636

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    Typical liberal. So focused on a person's skin color that they have to announce that they forgot to seem less racist than they really are. Perhaps one day the black community will realize they are being used as a pawn for votes and the party they support has no interest in truly helping them succeed.
  4. Lue C Fur

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  5. diesel96

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    Whether you like it or not, Matthews gets a pass. He has a history of given the african american community a voice on his show. Now if it was Rush or Beck saying those words (because of their history), it wouldn't fly....That's just the way it is, deal with it....
  6. brett636

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    I guess it makes no difference to you that Glenn Beck has had more black people on his show than all of Chris Matthew's shows combined. All your doing is verbalizing the double standard you have for broadcasters. If a liberal and a conservative make the same statement about a minority group the conservative will always be the racist and the liberal always gets the pass. Whether you want to admit it or not, that's the way it is, deal with it.
  7. tieguy

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    Listening to Reid tell Obama he can get elected because he does not look or sound black, mathews saying he forgot obama was black meaning the same thing. Its hilarious the liberties white liberals take and get away with.

    whats really sad though is Obama selling his black soul and pretending to not be offended. I bet all this comes out in his memoirs when its no longer politically expedient to feign indifference.
  8. diesel96

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    You wrote that with a straight
    You know for a fact Beck has more Blacks on his show than Matthews. Has there been a study of that ? Your professor tell you that ?
    Is it not a fact that Beck claimed Obama hates white people ?..... Is it not a fact that Rush plays "Barack the Magic Negro" on his program ?...... Isn't it a fact that both Beck and Rush want nothing but utter failure for the first black democrat President and the country....It's not a double standard....There is a history with Beck/Rush and the crap that spews out of their mouths that can be construde as being offensive. Therefore, a statement such as Matthews, wouldn't fly coming out of Beck's pie-hole.

    Apparently, you don't get it, and never will....The mind gets clouded whenever you want the Country to fail because of a disagreement of policies.....
  9. Jones

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    Beck's a strange dude, at the very least:

  10. moreluck

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    Durning was just the cutest little imp in that show!!
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    The 1980' touring play was a 1000 times better than the movie. My wife and I saw it in Atlanta and it was awesome. I just never saw Burt Reynolds as the sheriff because the actor in the play reminded me more of Jackie Gleason moreso in build than anything. He set the mold in my mind going forward. Besides I walked past Burt when he was filming Sharkey's Machine in Atlanta and damn is he little! But I still love the first Smokey movie and the Gator McCluskey films are classics IMO. And that iconic laugh. :happy-very:

    Shakey Puddin' Anyone?
  12. moreluck

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    Wkmac ... It's funny how we get a character in our mind and no one can do a re-make right. Speaking of Burt, the Longest Yard was great, but I think the re-make was awful. Let's face it, Adam Sandler is no Burt Reynolds (in his prime).

    I agree Smokey & the Bandit was great and Jackie Gleason did a great comedic part. His many talents aren't know to a lot of folks today. He had a great orchestra.....and remember the June Taylor dancers. I always looked forward to see what they would perform each week. OK, now I'm tired just thinking how old I am.......I don't know where the time went.
  13. wkmac

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    (Sorry for the thread hijack)

    Agree on The Longest Yard. One of my favorite Gleason movies was Papa's Delicate Condition. He just cracked me up in all his scheming but in the end, he loved that family more than anything else. And that's what counts with me!

    My favorite bidness man too!

    watch part 5 if you wanna see the Norman come out good over the boss. And what about that customer service?

    What a life!

  14. brett636

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    I know this from watching his shows. Beck has had shows where he is the only white person there. He also has regular black guests come on and discuss these sorts of issues.

    There is in fact some truth to this. When Obama did not have the facts in front of him, and he was asked for his opinion on the situation between the Harvard professor and the cops he blurbed out that the white cop acted "stupidly". That, to me, shows a propensity to assume the white person involved is always in the wrong. Maybe its not hate, but its certainly shows some bigotry on the part of the President.

    Refering to Obama as the "Magic Negro" was first done by an Obama supporter in an op ed peice in the Los Angeles times. Is that writer a racist too for being the originator of that phrase?

    Actually, no. To even hint that any national conservative radio or tv host wants Obama to fail simply because he is black is delusional at best. Then again, I guess I should remember who it is I am talking too.

    It is a double standard.

    Its only offensive because your a closet Marxist, and Marxists don't tolerate dissenting opinions.

    And there you go again with your double standard.
  15. wkmac

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    We should have a sing-a-long to the TV jingle "My dog is better than you dog" Kennel Ration Dog Food

    My host is blacker than your host
    My host is blacker than your's
    My host hangs with more brothers than your host does
    My host is Blacker than your's!

    No wonder African American's dispise so many white people and we deserve it too! If Chris Matthews is a moron (and he is) I can tell he's by no means alone at all either. Past time to build a bigger room to hold them all. Hey, great gov't project, they can build the new Empire Moron Building and re take the world record in building height.

    Anyone know the exact trajectory of low earth orbit satellites as I think this will need to be known for design plan purposes!

  16. Lue C Fur

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    You mention Rush. I would bet you have no idea who Sneardley is !!!! Do you ??:happy-very:
  18. av8torntn

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    Or Dr. Walter Williams.