Christie at UPS groundbreaking in Parsippany

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    Christie at UPS groundbreaking in Parsippany - Daily Record

    Touting an incentive-laden deal to keep UPS in New Jersey — and bring it to Parsippany — as " a clear sign of where New Jersey is headed," Gov. Chris Christie attended the groundbreaking of the company's new 200,000-square-foot technology center.

    "We have recovered from the long recession," Christie said. "We have put more of our people back to work than anytime before. And that's not government doing it. That's private-sector companies like UPS."
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    Was there no other hub in New Jersey?
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    The technology center isn't for package operations so UPS isn't duplicating existing P.O. functions already in NJ.

    "The facility will serve as a new location for software developers, designers and other technology professionals – previously based in Paramus, NJ – to collaborate and develop innovative technology solutions that serve our customers, improve operational efficiencies, drive growth and run UPS’s global network."
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    This is where they come up with route mapping. They should have sent Christie there using ORION.
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    They must have been giving out donuts and pizza.