Cinco De Mayo. America you can't have it both ways.

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by ups1990, Apr 27, 2010.

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    With the 5th of May coming up, where in Puebla, Mexico. The people fought and defeated the French. A great victory for them but will be celebrated more in the USA. Americans, dislike it when Mexicans fly their countries flag. They should assimilate and forget the mother land, some say. What does Cinco De Mayo have to do with America? Here, where I live, the majority of people celebrating this Mexican victory is Americans and not of Latino heritage. People use this day as another day in where one can get drunk, the hypocrisy.
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    Just another excuse to have a few beers

    SWORDFISH New Member

    I think we should celebrate everyones holidays. We can celebrate everyday that way. :sick:
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    It's just a Corona with lime day.
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    Cinco de Mayo in Old Town, San Diego, it's not always about the beer. I prefer Margaritas.
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    Don't forget the food !!!!

    mexico 071.jpgmexico 008.jpgmexico 009.jpg
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    Welcome back. You have been missed ... especially by tieguy.
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    Cinco de Mayo......oh yeah, spaghetti & Meatballs
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    Thanks Hoaxster,

    but, I'm still hurting and in recovery mode.
    Badly sunburnt (more then twice), peeling like a snake the second time around. But, the worst are the sunblisters. Nasty small blisters on a few spots of my body, including face.
    The lips are the worst. Having a hard time eating now.

    Hopefully, I can finally unpack my suitcase tomorrow.
    I way over did the ocean sun thing.

    Then, ofcourse, it was allinclusive, so got to recover from all the free non-stop booze I had.
    (No wonder I didn't feel too much pain there) LOL

    Might need to head back there. Had a wonderful time.

    Will try to be back on here more often, again.
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    Confucius say, "One should be careful of conversations on sidewalks!"


    You so bad!!!!!!!
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    Why should Americans have a problem with Mexican flags flying on cinco de mayo ? We live in a free society, and I think it's a privledge we can do whatever as long as it's not blatantly unlawfull or causing harm to others. As long as their not disrepecting our flag. I see the "Star of David" everywhere here in SoFla, the Cuban Flags all around in Miami, and Brazilian soccer shirts at every other corner. It's really no big deal...and they all love this country....What's odd is watching the Mexican Family enjoying their bagels at the NY style Jewish bagel joint near my house...
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    You can fly your flag here, but must be below the American flag !!
  13. moreluck

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    It's ok to fly your flag, but below the American flag.
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    Is that the "moreluck" rule?:happy-very:
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    the mexican version of st. pattys day.:happy2: