Civil Revolution, Give Them A Taste of Their Own Medicine


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Not sure if there is even a chance but I love the idea. Personally I hope it passes in overwhelming numbers but you know some gov't intervention will block it if it does. If nothing more than the resolution itself passes, this would still be a very good thing for this country IMO. This is peaceful revolution which is the beautiful part and I love it! America has many faults but this is one part that is her greatest strength.


I love it! I hope the lost liberty hotel does well.I can understand how when a government decides to give itself more rights than its people.its good to see it blow up in thier face.We had a similar situation in a community near here years ago.The Govt reappropriated the homes of about 1000 people on the premise that they were going to build a new airport.Well that never happened and the homes that were not demolished initially are still there. and its thier responsibility to maintain them and the grounds they are built on even though they sit empty.Its a shame.


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I think that what Logan Clements is doing is great. I wish that every Supreme Court Justice that voted the same as David Souter would have his house taken from them too. There are people all over the country that are now having to deal with their local government taking their homes from them because of this ridiculous ruling. The last thing that anyone should have to worry about is losing their private property to a greedy developer so the local government can raise tax revenue. They rip us off too much now.