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    sorry in advanced if this has been brought up before but i did do a sreach before hand for this kind of topic and didnt find anything but i was wondering from any fellow clerks or anyone in general if you knew how much do clerks usually make? i mean as far as myself im a data-ac clerk and damage clerk plus i pretty much do every other job in the building (repacks, missorts, sorting, sometimes loading and unloading, etc etc).

    i was talking to a friend whos a supervisor and he was telling me i should be making more than what i am b/c of all i do. and its funny b/c a girl that works with me in data-ac told me the same thing. i mean im pretty much the go-to-guy down here, not bragging or anything but a day that im not here, when i come in the next day, they always tell me how crazy it was the day before. but im just curious b/c right now im at 10.85 h/r (been working for 10 months now)

    so if anyone could help me out, it'd greatly be appreciated.
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    Have you talked to your steward? That would be a good starting point.:peaceful:
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    It's 1 dollar more an hour , or the "skilled pay".

    You started at $9.50/hr, which is the skilled pay rate. recieved an additional $.50 cents an hour after 90 calender days, somewhere around Aug-Sept... and then the $.35/hr contract raise February 1st.

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    It should be in your supplement. I don't think clerks make more than any other "skilled" job. In the building I work I am the only one who does it all, clerk, damages, re-wraps, overgoods, and other stuff too, even the Customer Counter. I don't make any more money than the guy who has the same job classification and doesn't do half as much. Hope this helps, and good luck!:happy2:
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    Tre, you should get the "extra dollar an hour" if you sort. And you should get the "general wage increases" if you attained seniority as of 8-1-2008. What's your seniority date, and when did you actually attain it?

    Article 22 - Part-Time Employees
    Section 5. Wages
    (a) Part time Employees
    All part-time employees who have attained seniority as of August 1, 2008 will receive the following general wage increases for each contract year. In each of the years, the increase shall be paid in two (2) equal installments. The first-half of the increase shall become effective on August 1 of the specified year. The second half of the increase shall become effective on February 1 of the following calendar year. The total wage increase for each year will be as follows:
    2008 seventy cents ($0.70)
    2009 seventy-five cents ($0.75)
    2010 seventy-five cents ($0.75)
    2011 eighty-five cents ($0.85)
    2012 ninety-five cents ($0.95)

    Part-time employees still in progression on August 1, 2008 shall receive the above contractual increases and will be paid no less than what they are entitled to in accordance with the wage schedules in Article 22, Section 5 (b) below. Between the date of ratification and August 1, 2008 part-time employees will continue to be paid in accordance with the progression contained in the prior Agreement. The progression set forth in (b) below shall be applied effective August 1, 2008.

    (b) Newly hired part-time employees
    All part-time employees, who are hired or reach seniority after August 1, 2008 will be paid according to the following wage schedules:

    [Sorry, Tre. This table doesn't format correctly. You'll have to see it in the original by clicking the link below.]

    UPS Master Agreement & Regional Supplements:
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    The way I see it, he started at 9.50 (skilled pay), got his 1.00 raise after 90 days, and got the 35 cents on Feb 1st.
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    im a ecs /damage clerk who is paid 27.58 so i guess it depends where your at.
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    The clerk at my old center makes $29 bucks an hour or what ever it is a driver makes now -------------but she has been there since 1979 or so. The gal that does re-wrap/ porter/ jack of all trades and has been there about as long makes the same. (to be honest they basically spend 4 hours a day yaking back and forth) Oh how the company wishes they would retire:wink2:
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    Just 2 more years and I'll have my 30 pension years ( but still to young to retire ) so i'll keep hanging around at top pay for being a clerk.
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    How many years on the job with ups?
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    Yes, but FT or PT?

    FT clerks are paid nearly driver rate. Most of them have 25+ years in this local here.
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    full time been here 24 years...drove for 20 years.
    im happy
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    That's why you make what you do, the OP on this post hasn't been around nearly that long.
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    seemed like an in just to brag about what he makes an hour knowing F/T clerks pay are defined in local supplements and completely different :knockedout:
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    You may be right. My reply was to point out that with his years of service he has accumulated many raises that make his hourly wage higher as well as being FT.
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    In our supplement there is a pay scale (top rate) for F/T clerical positions. It is clustered with the mechanics, feeder, driver etc etc It has nothing to do with years of service. Although obviously to bid into those jobs years of service counts.
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    I also am very curious. I work as a part-time revenue recovery auditor and I am only making standard (non-skilled pay). Should I be getting the extra dollar an hour for skilled labor?
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    The top rate is at the time of the full progression which is determined usually by the supplement. If a FT clerk reaches full progression in 2 years in that classification, they will then get the yearly (now bi-yearly) raises that increases the top rate. According to ikoi62's post he has been in the FT inside job for fours years.
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    I understand that the top rate changes bi-annually...not sure where you are going with that...