Co-worker drives body in UPS truck

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    CRYSTAL LAKE, Illinois (AP) -- Jeff Hornagold loved being a UPS driver.

    So when the suburban Chicago man died this week of lung cancer, longtime co-worker Michael McGowan agreed to take him on one last delivery.

    McGowan transported Hornagold's body from Davenport Family Funeral Home to Saturday's funeral services in his UPS truck.

    McGowan says he plans to keep a picture of Hornagold in his truck until he retires so that they can keep riding together.

    Hornagold was a UPS driver for 20 years, and his wife Judy Hornagold described him as "just the happiest UPS man alive."

    She says the special delivery was the perfect tribute.


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    I've got this picture in my head of the dead man's body strapped in the jump seat in his browns.....
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